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The Great Tree: Soft and Subtle Wind

By Thereasonwhy

21123 9 1 147840

A young raider, given command of a small band of warriors, though something feels off. Ilgor guides her band of fighters to be something else, a lesser target for the City of Glaion. She has a way of handling things that has her family's best interest at...

Labyrinth of the Lost

By Drogan_Wolf

19794 0 0 10045

Depression and anxiety disorders are more prevalent and more life-impacting than most people think. They can make life extremely difficult and cause problems other than the obvious. Fighting these afflictions can be an exhausting and full-time endeavor.

Labyrinthium Desperationis

By Drogan_Wolf

26751 0 0 11172

A man fights for the love of his dying mother. Transported into an unreal magical realm, he pursues her through all manner of obstacles in order to tell her goodbye.

Rescue Dogs

By JohannesTEvans

86633 9 1 86479

Cecil Hobbes, an ex-PE teacher disgraced and looked down on in his hometown, has a new partner: Sir Valorous King, a knight of the realm, once a child of prophecy, and Cecil's stalker. A few months into their relationship, Cecil finally convinces Valorous...