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Science Fiction

Draft Preview: Children of the Sands

By Erinye

330 0 0 1903

"Finja is a curious little child with many questions in a dying world that leaves most of them unanswered. But she is smart and full of ideas and one day she might find out the truth behind what lies in the desert. But that is only the beginning of a strange...

Ar'lissa's Prologue and Aventure Stories

By Reddof Nonnac

2110 0 0 9121

These are the short stories I made for my character during the adventures she was on in our Star Wars campaign

We Leapt Into the Sky

By cjyeates

15156 0 0 94559

Kendra lives for exploration. Drawn to the stars, she can't turn down the opportunity to explore newly discovered ruins on a faraway planet. But the expedition stirs up old memories as four scientists work in close quarters. An undeniable romantic tension...

Against the Odds, the Universe, and Everything Else

By ChupaCGren

1174 2 0 2709

In the far reaches of The Octant, Armin, a seasoned Mover, navigates the starry skies, ferrying cargo between worlds. What begins as another routine voyage soon spirals into a journey of unexpected discoveries and perilous encounters. Armin stumbles upon a...

The Unraveling of Mo Darin

By ChupaCGren

6220 9 2 24204

In the shadowed streets of Eclipsis, a city where futuristic technology collides with arcane mysteries, Mo Darin, an adept Tracer for the UEA, finds himself tangled in a case that defies the ordinary. When a series of perplexing disappearances leads him to...


By Grathew

3477 0 0 8261

I went to sleep in the chalet, and woke up on a ring world. As the curse goes: May you live in interesting times. Largely a writing exercise, no real publication schedule.

The Time Machine

By Dimitris

10846 21 0 32280

This classic novella, written by H. G. (Herbert George) Wells, (1866-1946), is a work of post-apocalyptic science fiction far before its time. Although a commentary on issues of the era, the work still holds as a remarkably fresh and pertinent narrative about...

Forget Me Not

By J. I. Rogers

6417 1 0 3436

Thallen Cluster is hosting the annual Science Symposium, and the Par Society has planned a peace rally to coincide with the event. With Korlune and Ankoresh eyeing the proceedings primed for trouble, will the actions of a solitary individual become the catalyst...

Bride Price

By J. I. Rogers

5956 2 0 9885

Siblings Regina and Edric Makon conspire to restore their family fortune after the death of their father, but neither realize what will it ultimately cost them.

Blue Moon

By J. I. Rogers

4656 1 0 8722

An extreme solar event wreaks havoc across Tamyrh, but when astronomer Dr. Amsel Runic questions the evidence it triggers something far more deadly.

Humanities first contact gone Oh, So Right

By Akmedrah

35506 37 0 158719

Allan embarks on the adventure that he has always dreamed of. Adventure, Danger and Out of this world beauties... Literally. Join Allan and his compatriots as they adventure across the galaxy. This story is complete.

The Shadow Taming (Short Story)

By Fyrarc

2297 0 0 5612

Antar stands on the side of the road watching his mentor, the man who turned him into the monster hunter he is, pass by in a funeral barge. How can he go forwards without the old man's sage advice? Fortunately for Antar, his mentor already planned that out....

Jaegryn: A Place for Beasts (Short Story)

By Fyrarc

5051 0 0 5000

They call him Jaegryn, though it isn't his name. It's a title. Monster hunter. Yet while hunting for the mentor who abandoned him and his pack, Jaegryn learns about an ill omen that plagues the colonists of Inshinar. Sater's eye. The wicked constellation...

Choose Your Own Adventure: Torbus Belgran

By sointex

7336 12 4 6394

Following a failed mission to acquire research data from a rival nation-state, Torbus Belgran finds himself alone and imprisoned in his former homeland, Delos. What he does, how he does it, and where he goes from here is up to YOU, the reader, in this choose-your-own-adventure...

Sabrina (Knox #3)

By TheOutsider3119

41446 0 0 215401

Your mother is a kick-ass black-belt karate instructor and English teacher. Your father? A combat veteran Army Airborne Ranger paramedic with a penchant for saving lives on and off-duty. So, what are you going to do with your life? Something unexpected,...

The Trinket Fairy

By DesdemonaRose

2939 0 0 2584

A gift left by a stranger, would you keep it, wonder who left it? What if it was something you'd lost long ago, or maybe just a sweet sentiment. What if it was a chess game missing a piece? Originally created as a Twitter VSS challenge, more info here: Also...

Valiant: Season 2

By Syntaritov

53828 3 0 552752

"We are all villains in someone else's story." The second season of episodic stories from the Inkiverse, which continues the adventures and misadventures of a cast of characters sprinkled across a galaxy filled with magic, technology, and questionable decisions.

Kyril: The Land Above

By Team Kyril

20748 0 0 66539

Thirteen years after the Burning of Delphinus, two wayward sisters lead vastly different lives far across the floating, ancient continent of Kyril. However, the world never sleeps, and peace is ever fragile against the machinations of ambition and greed....

Ricci's Mirror

By Clockwork_Sphinx

8985 0 0 1781

Image Credit: NASA APOD 2022 Nov 21, ESA, Hubble; Processing: William Ostling People say they want forever. But even a few hundred into the start of it becomes a weight. Society needs those willing to push that weight upwell and downwell, and plenty sign...

Gap Stories - Volume 1

By Syntaritov

29017 0 0 95493

A collection of 9 short stories from the Myrrdicato Galaxy that bridge the gap between Season 1 and Season 2 of the Valiant series.

Daughter of Zarthos

By J.L. Blum

90119 0 0 19812

Nathan Orthos and Samuel Silverman were two 18 yearolds were thinking about their future together and life after high school. As they looked out to the stars from the trailer park were they lived in neither of them knew that circumstances stances beyond their...


By marlalanderson

7636 1 0 7337

Climate change ravages Earth, a man-made plague forces millions into segregated camps, and the hope of finding a new world withers under threat of an alien attack. To ensure mankind's survival, two men take opposing paths. At the age of ten, Daniel Walker...

The Ciphrus Compendium

By darknano

32389 0 0 9425

The Ciphrus Compendium is a series undergoing the transformation and experience of three individuals who live distinctly separate lives on a planet called Ciphrus. Ciphrus, having lost 60% of its population to a global pandemic, has now been thrown into a...

End of Earth

By Drogan_Wolf

64254 0 0 27319

An unknown alien race lands on Earth and begins a brutal campaign to kill or enslave humanity. During the chaos a group of friends band together to try to survive the unbelievable conflict that will forever change the course of their lives, and the fate of...

OCCULTA MUNDOS : After the Void


8494 2 0 1

Centennial, 2019 AD. Abruptly transported to an altered reality, certain people, many of whom bear no recollection of their past life, including an astute teenage genius - Xander Astral, a loyal soldier - Cere Zin, the blind herbalist boy - Micah, and a rebellious...

There and Back

By Krawczyk & Weaver

14703 5 2 6396

The first instalment of the Farstep Saga. Didoozy is a Sky Raider tasked with retrieving an artifact from her enemies. Rain is a soldier following orders. Their chance encounter leads them to a shapeshifter with no name who seems too young to be left on...

Miracles of Arx Nubibus

By mimikilstories

317186 10 0 204238

After the old world was wiped away, humanity took to the sky. They've lived in the city of Arx Nubibus for over 200 years now, and few think about the broken world outside Arx's pressurized environment. Joey Queen is a normal college student living in Arx...

Phantoms: The Last Frontline

By Negev1812

3551 1 0 15735

[p]Four hundred years ago, the first Founders set foot on Mankind's new home, Vesta. Awakening eons after leaving a desolated Earth, these settlers rebuilt human civilization, spreading throughout the star cluster at an unprecedented speed. Faster-than-light...

The Galactic Tourists


43485 1 1 74437

The luxurious starship Kalindy XII caters for an exclusive set of exceptionally rich tourists on the ultimate cruise to see the sights of the Galaxy. Then the deaths begin.


By TransatlanticStardust

9664 0 0 0

WARNING: CLASSIFIED. This is a report detailing all the information available regarding the operation known to the public as The Aberken Incident. Do not distribute this document.

Le Jardin des Hespérides JDR | Année 1

By Aquilus_Decimus

79921 16 0 3879

Journal de bord des personnages ayant participés aux précédentes sessions du JDR du Jardin des Hespérides.

Nine Meditations in the Temple of Chromatic Enlightenment


27380 1 1 80219

The Temple of Chromatic Enlightenment is ancient and its builders are no longer a part of our universe. Yet, under the stewardship of the thinderin Light Guards, much may be learned from a pilgrimage. But at what cost?

Welcome to Hazard City

By ezeigler22

80003 4 0 16667

After a lifetime of going from one war to another Dylan Price wanted one day where he can drink in peace, but when a former hooker is killed while under his protection he wants to know why.


By pecawolf

25375 0 0 13914

Not far in the future, on the Earth gripped in tension a man awakens from the slumber of death for a new lease on life. The life he was promised is stolen from him and for a time, he questions whether he still wants it. The justice lies out there in the galaxy,...

Introducing: Guardbot

By TNTAuthorMan

9539 0 0 4943

This is the story of Kemn. He lives in the Capital City of Zumakar, where the great company of Kasan Corp has its headquarters. Kasan Corp is the mega-corporation that produces all robots and holograms on Rofal. When a new robot is released by Kasan Corp,...

The Surrealist's Manuscript

By darknano

42260 0 0 9985

The Surrealist's Manuscript is a biography detailing the life of Doctor Madison as they navigate through a post-pandemic landscape researching strange anomalies and internalizing the nature of what the world used to be, and how it got to now. Doctor Madison,...

Between the Stars

By BrokenJac

8443 10 1 3733

( Written for DylonIsHere123's World: [url:]The Void Between, Breaking Into Heaven[/url] ) [hr] Natalie "Nas" Aghl is a renowned astronaut, known both for her expertise and experience...

Shadows of the Keepers

By AntimatterNuke

226238 3 0 51302

When Eric, alongside his classics professor and fellow students, joins a mission to a recontacted colony world with pre-medieval technology, he learns dodging dinosaurs and gryphon-riding hunters while trying to stop an evil warlord is more trouble than he...

Intergalactic Outlaws

By TimeBender

10211 0 0 0

An abused orphan named Hurance wants a family. He’s had a small taste of family when he was younger with his best friend, Timothy Time, before Timothy went missing. Hurance’s quest for family is fraught with danger after he decides to adopt a group of outlaws...


By TimeBender

28850 0 0 0

After accidentally bringing three complete strangers from different universes to Earth, an alien girl's life goes nuts all at once. This has been unlocked for the public to read! Feedback is helpful. Adding more of the story as I write it!

A Blazing Patio

By Rahjar

12584 0 0 1177

The world is in a sad state, no one knows how it got so messed up, but we know it was after Covid-21. The world had been optimistic then. This is now. The world is no longer optimistic, everyone's buried brothers, friends, parents, children. Everyone wears...

Stories from the Rogue Stars

By Kaerith

5975 0 0 11999

A collection of stories from the outer star region, known more as the Rogue Stars.

Valiant: Season 1

By Syntaritov

292339 0 0 934909

"We are all villains in someone else's story." A collection of episodic stories from the Inkiverse that follows the adventures and misadventures of a vast cast of curious characters in a galaxy filled with magic, technology, and questionable decisions.

Book 1 of The Korpes File Series -Teaser

By J. I. Rogers

23181 6 0 60791

"As if being born Diasporan wasn’t enough, Technician Nash Korpes had the bad luck to resemble his Tyran ancestors almost identically in both form, and manner. These traits, though highly prized by the special projects division at the shadowy Korlune Military...

String Theory (Danganronpa V3 fic)

By NeoStarReset

27939 0 0 16215

"This rule will remain active throughout the Killing Game! For whoever manages to kill Prairie Marble...gets to graduate scot-free! No need to wait for a perfect moment, kill her whenever you like! Kill her in front of her friends and lovers! Bring your kids!...

Thread Skein

By lartra

130400 0 0 161386

When war rages on, the only hope for peace is the ultimate sacrifice… 20,000 years into our future, female mercenary Ticca is becoming the leader she was born to be. The powerful wizard Lebuin has overcome many of his fears along the way. Both of their paths...

AWT 1: L'affaire du Coeur de Feu

By Aquilus_Decimus

70283 6 0 11718

Sur la planète Élysée, fleuron colonial de l'Alliance Agora, les citoyens profitent d'un cadre de vie agréable qui a même attiré les grandes fortunes. Au milieu de ce décor idyllique, l'agence Wardman et Takanabe s'occupe de régler des litiges judiciaires...

The Rift

By 339X

38616 9 0 39110

Nash Vega and her brother, Jaymes, grew up during the Aten Rebellion. After losing their parents during the Great Battle the siblings are left alone on the barren desert planet. Left with very few allies, Nash and Jaymes survive on their own. After years of...

The New Frontier, Book 1, Resist!

By KajetanWrites

13089 0 0 2841

Aliens invaded Earth and established a puppet government. However, not every human is willing to accept this new reality. They fight for freedom. One of them is Sophie Mazur, a young woman who at the start of her adulthood lost her parents to the puppet government....

Null Force: Battle in the Halls of Darkness

By Kummer Wolfe

33950 18 3 13912

[p]A mysterious explosion in a remote lab hidden away in the depths of the Tapani Sector starts an investigation into the source that turns into a harrowing rescue in a race against time. Ruk “Rukus” V’dora and Pala’teska are troopers turned scientists working...

Second Chances

By WantedHero

153550 0 0 70106

Fame. Fortune. Thrown into the City incinerator. Wendell’s chance at the title was always a long shot. Since then he’s been on TV, Radio and even has the attention of The Church. Fact is, he’s more popular than ever. So why are people trying to kill him? (It’s...

Commonwealth Planets: Shattered World

By Freeballs93

7780 1 1 1544

Commander Tracer and his crew aboard the Xiphos are tasked with finding who is responsible for the increasing attacks on commonwealth and EU shipping and planets in the Diores sector. As they slowly close in on these unknown raiders a larger threat begins...

Waiting at World's End

By WaywardDreaming

8602 1 0 3903

Waiting at World's End is a short story / novella set during the apocalypse that proceeds the first book of Wayfaring Strangers. It takes place in an undetermined airport somewhere between Las Vegas and Houston as a pair of survivors come to terms with their...


By Shaudawn

18561 3 0 6172

The ink has only just dried on the Treaty of Surrender. The last of the rescue ships flying over Serenity Valley have finally stopped trying to distinguish between them that need rescue, and them that need burial. And it will be some time before a young...

Relics of War

By AntimatterNuke

6567 0 0 6008

Xenologist Vexan investigates a post-apocalyptic alien planet, where civilization destroyed itself in a deluge of thermonuclear hatred.

Exero Titannis

By Drogan_Wolf

4090 0 0 8845

The Exero Titannis was to be the first manned mission to explore Saturn's moon Titan. Not funded by any government, the privately funded mission held immense possibilities for the Blackstar Corporation to get a major jump on other companies by staking claims...

Terror Through Thieving

By PatheticBarrel

6520 0 0 1

Cohlin Laine is the best thief on the streets of Bai Talga. So good, in fact, that he's at the top of the Mizar Systems' Most Wanted List. Madam Ayil Peron has extensive files on each of her targets among the terrorist Munan culture. Except for the worst...

Amaya the Bounty Hunter

By AbyssDepth

4005 0 0 2475

Amaya is just another lowly person trying to survive on Absalom Station. But she is a Pahtra and she is proud. She is eager to claw her way out from the depths of the station and make a name for herself. And she's more then willing to become a hired gun to...

At the Center of it all

By Golden Crepe

4713 0 0 876

Lily, a young girl travels from planet to planet in hope of reaching the sun, where she hopes to find her parents.

Seven Minutes to Impact

By David W Henley

7047 0 0 1303

A routine mapping mission on a little known planetoid. Pirates, Space Battles, and Mayhem Just what you'd expect...

The Lonely End of the Galaxy

By venom986

330 0 0 0

Moonbeam Tales brings you an actual-play experience from Ironsworn:Stargorged. Follow the tale of Matt Mason as he tries to make sense of life, the Forge, and himself.

YY It Spreads: Infection

By amelianite

7213 0 0 2819

**A Novella set AFTER the Alpha Saga** What if your entire life went up in smoke in less than twenty-four hours? Jobs, homes, technology, family? All of that disappeared in the blink of an eye. Well, that's what Kěith, Jack, and their company have come to...


By Arimakura

2225 0 0 172100

A despicable hero. A savior villain and a guardian angel are tempted by the darkness. The Cascade mountains 3449 A.D. Lydia Ferric fears for her life as Arkan Alamgir hunts her down to be his secret weapon against The Remnant. The secret is, that she's cursed...