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We Leapt Into the Sky

By cjyeates

15156 0 0 94559

Kendra lives for exploration. Drawn to the stars, she can't turn down the opportunity to explore newly discovered ruins on a faraway planet. But the expedition stirs up old memories as four scientists work in close quarters. An undeniable romantic tension...

Deep Down

By Art_n_Zeug

2453 0 0 2469

Go to the world page at your own risk, it contains a lot of spoilers

Shadows of the Keepers

By AntimatterNuke

226235 3 0 51302

When Eric, alongside his classics professor and fellow students, joins a mission to a recontacted colony world with pre-medieval technology, he learns dodging dinosaurs and gryphon-riding hunters while trying to stop an evil warlord is more trouble than he...

Calls From The Grave

By Tris

13523 7 1 927

AMA-kind-of-style personal essays mostly about writing, because why not :) If you want me to write about something specific, feel free to post a comment or shoot me a message on Discord. This will be a highly experimental place. In another words: a complete...

A Way to Guide Yourself in the West

By P-Tech04

7731 0 0 342

Composed by one of the greatest travellers in his age, Sir Evon Draumek, this book will allow anyone from distant travellers to the next door neighbours in the dwarflands to carve a path into the homeland of the Goldenhelm empire, so detailed and precise you...