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Hard Magic

In Their Shadows

By LeeStepp

28638 1 0 187470

"She will bear the weight of her destiny not amid the light but within the darkness. While she is a young faltering star before the starving void in her youth, when she is ready, she will draw in those greedy, ambitious souls tainting her home and snuff them...

A Wager of Vines and Magick

By hackinghistorical

25679 2 1 9633

Lizzie is a street smart young woman from the lower wards of her city. She thinks dreaming of a better future for her and her family is just that until the unbearably egotistical mage Lord Hart and his retinue sweep into her life. He seems only interested...


By Horazath

16790 3 3 14314

Tiasa is a girl on the cusp of adulthood, almost ready to form a bond with her companion otter, Pacu, which marks her coming of age. The world she knows barely extends beyond the fishing and pearl-diving village she grew up in. It is however about to be shattered...

High Arms

By Haimura

16825 1 0 10527

I am also going by Jinzoka on Royal Road. I'll likely be publishing my story properly on there, while using the resources here to structure and fill in other content for it.

Wheel Within the Wheel

By Pinion Missile

153529 4 12 72809

Excellence Upon Exagora Series Exagora (meaning Redemption)- a power laden world. People gravitate towards dominance over the helm of the Dual Wheel: that which encompasses all material. But what they find might break them. For in the struggle for self-fulfillment,...

SL 1: Descendant of Glory

By amelianite

6687 0 0 0

Book 1 of the Spruceheart Legacy series. Set during years 1 and 2. Since she was a little girl, Sylvie Sprucewood thought her life ordinary and mundane. She didn't know about magic, nor did she expect her family to be keeping a large and dangerous secret...

Flower of the Sea Tree

By StalwartLight

1212 0 0 3234

Aiselle was never any good at magic. She could barely perform a basic woodsong, and yet her mother expected her to take over the family business in due time. Aiselle never dreamed of leaving home. She never once considered why her skin was covered in sores...