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Corroded Destiny

By Soulwing98

1373 2 0 36912

Corroded Destiny is a Fanfiction set in the world of Rain World. --- Iterators were built to last, to iterate for an eternity and longer to solve the great problem. The creation of Shifting Gales didn't follow that dogma, its acidic consequences at last...

One-Shots and Random Stories

By devinsxdesigns

2581 0 0 51405

A collection of Stargate one-shots, short stories, snippets, and collections that don't belong in any of my other stories.

If You Forget the Way to Go

By devinsxdesigns

16779 0 0 171481

Part 2 of "If You Want to Go Far, Go Together". A relatively shameless excuse to explore Jack and Daniel's friendship and relationship, expounding on things that happen in the show and exploring the feelings or missing scenes. This is a Jack/Daniel fic. It...

One Day There Was You

By devinsxdesigns

737 0 0 11665

Part 3 of "If You Want to Go Far, Go Together", a multi-part exploration of the relationship between Stargate's Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson. This will be a collection of snippets and stories that don't fit into the other stories in this series. Original...

When In Rome

By devinsxdesigns

1634 0 0 12415

Part 1 of "If You Want to Go Far, Go Together". Daniel stumbles into trouble on a mission, but neither he nor Jack could have imagined what they'll have to do before they are allowed to return home. Author's Note(s): This is set sometime in Season 1, before...

Ocarina of Time: the Sacrimonial Elegy

By cruisercrusher

2192 0 0 11334

It is raining. The stone walls are slick from it. It washes away everything but the wreaths of fire that enshroud the parapets. The moat swells and rises to swallow a gasp and the last whisper. Poison-purple smoke pours out the doors of a grand temple and...

Adonis and the Orb of Euphoria

By Fizzybrat

9458 0 0 55666

"Adonis and the Orb of Euphoria" takes readers on a thrilling adventure filled with mystery, romance, and magic. Adonis, the charismatic Thyrsus mage, is drawn into a dangerous quest when he receives a cryptic message from his old flame, Isabella. As a prominent...

A Tale of Two Brothers

By Loink

31175 0 0 13948

The land of Minecraftia has a deep and rich history, but not all of it was good. The tale of two brothers, Timothy and Max, who live in a town surrounded by illager forces details the reactions of many who reside in the town, knowing an invasion from the enemy...

Where Dragons Lie

By PatheticBarrel

8236 2 1 358

A Legend of Zelda Fanfiction A Warrior of the Zonai people, Aubril seeks to protect her tribe from an encroaching darkness. Meanwhile, Krola of the Great River discovers rumors of a secret power, fueling his desire for conquest.

A Wolf's Loyalty

By StorytellerNat

91969 0 0 0

"Well, you'd have to be my servant...and like a servant, you'd have to do exactly as I say!" Midna said he had to be her servant, but was she aware of the effect that'd have on him in the state he was in? Twilight Princess told through Link's perspective as...

The Hammer of the Sea

By PatheticBarrel

11816 1 0 804

Where fishfolk dare to thieve! The trade of the ancient kingdoms has ground to a halt with the arrival of Aveta the pirate queen. Tasked by King Sidon, Jirim must track down the rebellious Zora and put an end to her terror of the Eastern coast. All peace...

Podricks Expeditionen

By Racussa

12925 0 0 2635

Diese Fanfiction verwendet respektvoll und dankbar Inspirationen von Frank Herbert, George R.R. Martin und Alexej Pehov.

The Philosopher's Stone

By eharville24

124806 21 7 69779

This is a fanfiction in which I rewrite the Harry Potter series. Some of the changes include: raising the audience level to young adult, changing the setting to the late 19th century, and making the world actually make sense with more inclusivity and diversity....

String Theory (Danganronpa V3 fic)

By NeoStarReset

28575 0 0 16215

"This rule will remain active throughout the Killing Game! For whoever manages to kill Prairie Marble...gets to graduate scot-free! No need to wait for a perfect moment, kill her whenever you like! Kill her in front of her friends and lovers! Bring your kids!...

Ship-It Show - Fan Fiction!

By KaijuKojin

35874 2 0 6191

The Ship-it show is a Rooster Teeth Production that's hosted by Tara Strong and Greg Cipes. This is a collection of submissions I've made, and links to the episodes they are relevant too. Enjoy the shippage!

chocolate and all

By McNanas

5008 0 0 2015

It shouldn't have come as a surprise to the members of class 1-A, Todoroki Shouto's childhood wasn't similar to any of theirs, but when he asked what a chocolate chip cookie tasted like, they knew that something had to be done.

SL 1: Descendant of Glory

By amelianite

6418 0 0 0

Book 1 of the Spruceheart Legacy series. Set during years 1 and 2. Since she was a little girl, Sylvie Sprucewood thought her life ordinary and mundane. She didn't know about magic, nor did she expect her family to be keeping a large and dangerous secret...