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Adult 18+

Sensual Squat 1

By Accaworld1

1376 0 0 2800

Lola, a short haired red head, with blue eyes and with white skin, explore her sexuality one day at a local adult video store, here is the first place she would explore and learn about not only about herself, but who she is as a person, and what makes her...

Elizebeth and her Tentacle Husband 1

By ctkdjane1

1111 0 0 4561

What if one could become young and able to have children again, and something claiming to be a god offer you a chance to become what you desired, but this something is a tentacle being or monster? Would you allow it to have sex with you, so you could become...

The Age Of Embers

By Toncoroc

1932 0 0 3808

A collection of tales taking place in this wretched era. Reading the coloured texts is not strictly mandatory.


By Moony1

29701 0 0 154936

The God of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, choices, duality, doorways, passages, and endings. A once respected and powerful deity across the pantheon of the Roman gods, Janus had never imagined nor expected his fellow kindred to betray him in their...

Division P; LifeLine

By Maeve Baeyen

2042 0 0 4026

stephen benford and others of division P's staff are still recovering from the devastating bombing that destroyed half of their administration team 6 months ago. When he receives a phone call, saying one of his patients has crashed during a training mission...

Stolen Glances

By Fizzybrat

9608 0 0 6462

In the opulent world of intrigue and hidden desires, Adonis stands as a figure of mystery and charm, a man with a reputation that precedes him. Isabella, on the other hand, is a brilliant artist known for her elusive nature and captivating creations. Their...

Demon King’s Gardener

By sbdrag

109286 3 0 202679

Demon King Jurao discovers that someone has been taking care of the castle gardens in secret - a human that stumbled into the Demon Realm by mistake. Seeing his good work, Jurao decides to appoint Braelin as the official Royal Gardener - now he just has to...

Corrigenda Chronicles: HOPE

By SiobhantheWriter

205352 3 0 214825

Struggling with identity and newly discovered magical abilities, Eldrick, a young foundling apprentice druid ventures into the outside world of Corrigenda. Travelling from his mountain home to the druid conclave. He must be there by midsummer and time is...

Buch 4 - Lorelias Bestimmung

By LindeWeber

67316 0 1 45353

- Dieses Buch spielt 50 Jahre nach Buch 1. Um das Magiesystem zu verstehen, wird empfohlen, erst "Die Quarzsucherin" zu lesen. Es ist eine in sich abgeschlossene Geschichte. Obwohl der Feuermagier Arminio über weite Entfernungen Personen wahrnehmen kann,...

Los Deseos

By KarLey

13938 0 0 2185

Historias cortas. Deseos intensos. Deseos que los harán dudar de sí mismos. Sus decisiones. Su poder de control. Incluso de no herir a sus seres queridos. Un mundo donde ya algunos de nosotros hemos caminado y puede que aún sigamos caminando.

The Ciphrus Compendium

By darknano

35830 0 0 9425

The Ciphrus Compendium is a series undergoing the transformation and experience of three individuals who live distinctly separate lives on a planet called Ciphrus. Ciphrus, having lost 60% of its population to a global pandemic, has now been thrown into a...


By Storm Weaver

5237 0 0 0

-What are the features that constitute a life? How are they measured? What do they mean? How much of ourselves do we invest in them? [br] -Is having a Life only for the Living?[br] -Then... Perhaps we do not really die![br] [center][b]This, then, is [i][u]Deathknell[u][i][/b][/center].

Houses of the Holy

By Storm Weaver

13787 0 0 0

In this Alternate Timeline Earth, SARS became something else. Something horrible. This is the story of the Forgotten Incarnations who ride beside Death, War, Famine, and Pestilence, to give a fighting chance to those who are willing to help and be helped.

The Eye of Horror

By Pingu_sAge

9851 0 0 1009

With the foundation of the Divine Kingdom of Gorbolia, the Dark Days were officially in the past, and years of peace ended with them. What followed was an era filled with spirituality, political intrigues, and wars. When the King of Gorbolia - in his delusion...


By Jgesq

10867 0 0 2426

It was Ryan’s brilliant idea to mod up a false adult ID that he and Kyle could use to get online. VICTIM was waiting.

Ba'Yeduk porn scene

By Mutterwolf

11604 4 1 1537

This was produced for an artist who does a series similar to the anime "Interspecies reviewers". Others expressed interest. Events take place after the Ba'yeduk chapter of "Ghenid Clans of Incaras" manuscript.

Tuloks Kurzgeschichten

By Drake Ragon

19242 0 0 4497

Bild: (c) Max Emmert Eine Reihe an Geschichten rund um Tulok

Lilyanas Kurzgeschichten

By Drake Ragon

17177 1 0 5092

Eine Sammlung von Kurzgeschichten, die alle aus der Sicht von Lilyana geschrieben sind. Cover Image: (c) Nikolai Ostertag

Fallout LA

By Innokha

25531 1 0 14800

Fallout LA (or FOLA) is text-based roleplay in an original section of the Fallout Universe. This is the archive log of this active and ongoing RP. Innokha is the author of Cricket; a spitfire wasteland raider chick with little to live for. While Rust, a mysteriously...

Tales from Gemenskap

By Soulwing98

31166 12 1 8150

Chapters within this collection of shorts will have the intention to aid as corner stories for my planned NSFW novel set on the airship city of Gemenskap. - may feature Sexual themes and/or Erotic - - may contain lewd art by yours truly :p -

The Surrealist's Manuscript

By darknano

45524 0 0 9985

The Surrealist's Manuscript is a biography detailing the life of Doctor Madison as they navigate through a post-pandemic landscape researching strange anomalies and internalizing the nature of what the world used to be, and how it got to now. Doctor Madison,...

When the Blood Moon Rises

By mwelsch678

12103 1 0 3306

PRINCE KYVAN ANDURTH has the weight of the world of Etias on his shoulders, with his ever-nearing ascension to the throne of Reaper Dreizhar shadowing his every waking hour. Unbeknownst to the Andurth family, a darker force, one that has been looming for...

Seven Devils: Book One

By owlshine

31438 3 1 15753

Edie had little going for her. Living life from fix to fix wasn't exactly satisfying, but it was life. Dying, however, brought a second chance, as well as a whole new set of challenges in the supernatural underworld she hadn't known existed. She quickly gets...

Dracna Stories

By Mutterwolf

10391 17 4 20997

Dracna the Ghenid left the wild tribes and came to the mercenary city of Incaras. Eventually adopting the city as her tribe and the City Watch as her family.


By lengna

5306 1 1 2590

A collection of stories about the Raicravd Orchestra, namely Chole's section.

Dario's New Obession

By Ronwea

4729 0 0 55471

Dario Donati, Boss of Ara'Groo, has a dream about a magical person waiting for him in another Boss' territory. Unable to resist the pull of his dreams, Dar heads out to investigate. This story is a Collective Storytelling Doodle between [user:lengna] and...