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The Dreaming Draughtbook

By Syntaritov

359 0 0 8664

Need a drink that will set your hair on fire? Maybe a shot of something that'll make you feel as warm as a cat in a sunbeam. And have you ever wondered what unicorn vomit tastes like? Look no further; the Neko Cafe's draughtbook has you covered.

Dramatis Personae of B3astworld

By B3ast

1084 0 0 829

The People, Races, Myths and more encountered in B3astworld

Valiant: Season 2

By Syntaritov

53840 3 0 552752

"We are all villains in someone else's story." The second season of episodic stories from the Inkiverse, which continues the adventures and misadventures of a cast of characters sprinkled across a galaxy filled with magic, technology, and questionable decisions.


By Twinflame

62598 66 1 86972

In the boutique called Maniaque awaits the mysterious Sethian Skin, a sly deal-maker who can offer you a custom dress on one hand and the keys to a monstrous darkness on the other. One night a stranger from a far-off land comes looking for magic only to run...

Gap Stories - Volume 1

By Syntaritov

29020 0 0 95493

A collection of 9 short stories from the Myrrdicato Galaxy that bridge the gap between Season 1 and Season 2 of the Valiant series.

The Fairy and the Assassin

By WolfofWinter

10210 0 0 2860

Ashly is a young fairy who has a Goddess on her side. Faris is a human assassin with a target on his back. This is a story about how they met and fell for one another, even though they are from different worlds. There will be ups and downs but will love...

Die Hexen vom Wyrmwald

By Bernsteinschmiede

49398 10 10 13248

Es war einmal eine böse Hexe, die lebte im Wyrmwald und fraß jeden, der ihrer Hütte zu nahe kam. Bis ein junger Hexer vorbei kam, sie in ein Huhn verwandelte und in die Hütte einzog. Als er dann auf die Schnappsidee kommt, den Werwolf einzufangen, der in...

Book 1: Enter the Witch

By jaztice

14433 2 0 5603

On the outside, Horner Paranormal is a paranormal private investigation group that takes cases involving the supernatural. On the inside, it's a group of friends in their early twenties, all of whom are paranormal themselves in some way, looking for answers...

The Malachite Record (NSFW)

By Dylonishere123

29465 6 0 23353

WARNING! This is an erotic novel. Do not read it if that bothers you.

The Oblivion Chronicles: Book 3 - Dawn of Destruction

By JHarris15

190134 11 0 70415

The Third Part of The Oblivion Series. The dead are speaking, after the events of the attack on Wolfrick manor, the group must deal with the aftermath of the attack, both mental and physical. As magic starts to creep back into the world for both good and...

The Oblivion Chronicles: Book 2 - The Answer's Call

By JHarris15

181355 9 0 72956

The Second Part of The Oblivion Series. After the events of the first novel, join the group once more as they battle not just against the ruling power of The Imperial City, but against a secret organisation that has been pulling the strings of power for centuries....

Valiant: Season 1

By Syntaritov

292370 0 0 934909

"We are all villains in someone else's story." A collection of episodic stories from the Inkiverse that follows the adventures and misadventures of a vast cast of curious characters in a galaxy filled with magic, technology, and questionable decisions.

The Adornment of Ada

By Secondhand

31050 21 3 8526

" I was 16 going on 17 the first time I saw a dead human body. The fact it seemed to be mine didn't seem to make the situation any weirder than it already was, to tell the truth. "

Seven Devils: Book One

By owlshine

29952 3 1 15753

Edie had little going for her. Living life from fix to fix wasn't exactly satisfying, but it was life. Dying, however, brought a second chance, as well as a whole new set of challenges in the supernatural underworld she hadn't known existed. She quickly gets...

Invitation to The Wild | book 01

By TryingNormal

24010 0 0 8915

14-year-old Nea Mallach discovers that the supernatural world she was born into has greater (and darker) plans for her than anyone thought.

The Name of the Manuscript

By DarkDekuLord

7242 0 0 9462

Prompt : Tell us about a touch changing someone’s life Treat others as you wish to be treated. The golden rule that has existed since before recorded time began. But what happens when you don't wish to be treated that well. Derek, an up and coming adventurer...


By Arimakura

2225 0 0 172100

A despicable hero. A savior villain and a guardian angel are tempted by the darkness. The Cascade mountains 3449 A.D. Lydia Ferric fears for her life as Arkan Alamgir hunts her down to be his secret weapon against The Remnant. The secret is, that she's cursed...