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-(Book 2) Guardian: the Liminal Chronicles (Sample)

By shyredfox

12037 5 0 16858

“One hundred pieces of gold for every kitsune head laid at my feet!” Umeji Tatsuya finally starts Guardian training under the legendary tengu king Soujou-bou. Though, the Guardian Council has their doubts about whether a former yakuza mobster should be allowed...


By Seshihira

12164 1 0 9005

A girl who thought she already had everything she could ask for has to realize everything she beleived wasn't exactly as true as it seemed to be. One family secret being revealed what starts a whole avalanche in her and others' lives. And she still has to...

Fujimori and the Fox - Shrines of the Nonogawa Valley Myth

By shyredfox

13152 1 0 292

What would you say if your local shrine was always pristine, yet nobody claimed to be the caretaker?  In Nonogawa, Inari is the most popular of the kami. Every Shrine to the god seems to clean and refresh the offerings themselves. Locals often visit the larger...

When the Kit Met a Falling Star

By shyredfox

13137 7 0 987

When impetuous little Nakamura Hisako meets a messenger from Inari, what news could scare her so badly that she runs away? And what will the news mean? Will it bring her hope for the future? ~1K word flash fiction from Nakamura Hisako's POV as a kit. It was...