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Urban Fantasy


By darthcredence

6006 0 0 28112

The truth about the world is revealed on a late night talk show, right before it is firmly upended. When a mysterious woman appears on the set of America's most popular late night talk show, she claims that she will be revealed as the supreme being in the...

Standing on My Own

By shyredfox

1287 0 0 1618

A young mage is recruited for a pilot program at Kyoto Jidai Arcane University. Will he be able to face the bullying ghosts of his past to thrive in the new environment? SPOILER ALERT: This little tale contains spoilers for Rise and Guardian (books 1 and...

Tacoma by Night: October Tales (2023)

By ValentineDM

11020 4 0 27212

Night falls on Tacoma, the same as it always has. But something is cooler these nights. Cripser, sharper, darker. Throughout this grungy city, not only do the Vampires spread, but so do all manner of dark otherworldly creatures. Some hold their delusions...

[Notes of Aria] Starlight: Opening Act [Complete]

By Demi_GSE

12256 0 0 37189

The story of Lily Thorne and her adventures while working at Starlight. [Part 1] Opening act [Part 2] Bad Moon Rising (Coming soon)

-(Book 2) Guardian: the Liminal Chronicles (Sample)

By shyredfox

12037 5 0 16858

“One hundred pieces of gold for every kitsune head laid at my feet!” Umeji Tatsuya finally starts Guardian training under the legendary tengu king Soujou-bou. Though, the Guardian Council has their doubts about whether a former yakuza mobster should be allowed...

Tale of the Mountain with Eyes

By shyredfox

5412 3 2 2089

A curious story collector won’t let a little thing like being rooted in one spot stop him from recording every piece of folklore he can. But will his relentless pursuit of the next tale bring destruction to the Nonogawa River Valley? This story was featured...

Kyril: The Land Above

By Team Kyril

24768 0 0 66539

Thirteen years after the Burning of Delphinus, two wayward sisters lead vastly different lives far across the floating, ancient continent of Kyril. However, the world never sleeps, and peace is ever fragile against the machinations of ambition and greed....

Rae Riot, the Perfect Witch

By TaylorDobson

18554 0 0 20471

Rae Riot was an ordinary girl born to extraordinary parents. She always feared that she would live in their shadow. She prayed day and night to the goddess of magic, Hecate, that she wouldn't be a disappointment to them when the day came to unlock her magic....

The Round Table Chronicles, Book 1: Summer of the Lost Wizard

By TJSchongar

11237 4 1 3932

Thade Sloan is a Sheltered college student looking for adventure. What he finds is Cassian White, a handsome drunkard with more charisma than he knows what to do with. Cassian also has magic he cannot explain, including the ability to make anyone forget he...

The Kyuunan Disappearances

By shyredfox

8675 0 1 3153

When Nabeshima Yoshi moves to a small town with his boyfriend, he’s quickly embroiled in a dangerous case of corporate secrets and missing persons. Will he and his unlikely ally be able to solve the mystery before it's too late? Length: ~10 minute read Content...

The Lunar Coven

By NathaliaBooks1993

72863 0 0 35494

After what happened they needed to run. To a different kingdom and a different Coven. But will they be safe there? What will happen to the people who they left behind?  And who is that beautiful man that captured Jeffery's heart?

A Wager of Vines and Magick

By hackinghistorical

25679 2 1 9633

Lizzie is a street smart young woman from the lower wards of her city. She thinks dreaming of a better future for her and her family is just that until the unbearably egotistical mage Lord Hart and his retinue sweep into her life. He seems only interested...

Banzai Bonds

By shyredfox

9959 3 0 1391

Everything goes wrong when Dr. Aya moves from Kyoto to Nonogawa. Worse, he sticks out like a sore thumb. After he walks into the Banzai bar, the barkeep invites him on a hunt. Will the taste of wild game and making a first friend be the key to Dr. Aya fitting...

A Safe Place to Hide

By TimeBender

11164 3 1 2176

A lonely monster raised by humanity fights against a mafia conspiracy that threatens to wipe out not only his found family, but the entire city he has sworn to protect as a patrol officer, regardless of if the people inside care about him or not.

Breaking Bread

By AuthorGoddess

24158 3 0 50596

Nicola still isn't a hero. She's been through too much to be a white knight. She's even been dead before... a couple of times, but this time it's different. Now she's stuck in limbo, travelling the Nine Worlds with an angry god on her heels. She needs to...

Book 1: Enter the Witch

By jaztice

15544 2 0 5603

On the outside, Horner Paranormal is a paranormal private investigation group that takes cases involving the supernatural. On the inside, it's a group of friends in their early twenties, all of whom are paranormal themselves in some way, looking for answers...

Tales From the Rookery

By EclecticExclamations

77628 0 0 82747

A series of short stories about a future world where magic and technology co-exist.

Elsewhere Unknown

By LNRDink

12993 0 0 1514

The first full-length novel by Michael Leonard, Elsewhere Unknown is a slow-burning, high fantasy mystery masquerading as a dystopian urban fantasy. Progressive characters face off against a regressive system built to destroy those who oppose it. This book...

The Malachite Record (NSFW)

By Dylonishere123

31567 6 0 23353

WARNING! This is an erotic novel. Do not read it if that bothers you.

-(Book 1) Rise: The Liminal Chronicles (Sample)

By shyredfox

40121 11 0 8909

An ex-gangster. A mysterious old woman. A mythological world of magic and danger hiding behind everyday life. Fresh out of jail, Umeji Tatsuya seeks redemption in a small town, far from his Yakuza ties. He’s barely moved in when the town’s feisty dowager,...

Chou Becomes Ohno-chan's Pet

By shyredfox

14527 1 0 749

What would you do if you found a ki absorbing sentient ooze that was accused of eating a neighbor's cat? Would you dare to approach it? Find out how Su-chan meets and adopts Chou. Tags: magic, myths, side stories, pets Rating: PG Stats: ~800 words, average...

Seven Devils: Book One

By owlshine

31566 3 1 15753

Edie had little going for her. Living life from fix to fix wasn't exactly satisfying, but it was life. Dying, however, brought a second chance, as well as a whole new set of challenges in the supernatural underworld she hadn't known existed. She quickly gets...

The black box mystery

By ShadyWereWolf

13705 0 0 750

This is story about mysterious black box and how it may such a little thing change lives.

Blinded Angels: 1 The Noble Sacrifice

By cedorsett

49540 1 0 23905

It isn't easy living as a non-binary goth in the mid-90s, but Ellis has good friends who have their back. All they wanted was to live as their authentic self in a world that refused to understand them. On a night out, they wondered off the forest path into...


By Llyneira

4568 0 0 2494

Born of witches, a young fey faces a world where fey are not accepted by society to win back love. Even if she has to break rules and bones to do it.

Grace The Whirlwind: New Tower LeLane

By Onibelle

285 0 0 11520

Grace is a teen magical girl, one who uses her innate power of whirlwinds to fight monsters and keep her hometown safe, all at the low low cost of Her social life Her Academic life Her friend's life Now the consequences of her letting things slide by the...

Dario's New Obession

By Ronwea

4762 0 0 55471

Dario Donati, Boss of Ara'Groo, has a dream about a magical person waiting for him in another Boss' territory. Unable to resist the pull of his dreams, Dar heads out to investigate. This story is a Collective Storytelling Doodle between [user:lengna] and...