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Hard Science Fiction

Against the Odds, the Universe, and Everything Else

By ChupaCGren

1174 2 0 2709

In the far reaches of The Octant, Armin, a seasoned Mover, navigates the starry skies, ferrying cargo between worlds. What begins as another routine voyage soon spirals into a journey of unexpected discoveries and perilous encounters. Armin stumbles upon a...

Ricci's Mirror

By Clockwork_Sphinx

8985 0 0 1781

Image Credit: NASA APOD 2022 Nov 21, ESA, Hubble; Processing: William Ostling People say they want forever. But even a few hundred into the start of it becomes a weight. Society needs those willing to push that weight upwell and downwell, and plenty sign...


By marlalanderson

7636 1 0 7337

Climate change ravages Earth, a man-made plague forces millions into segregated camps, and the hope of finding a new world withers under threat of an alien attack. To ensure mankind's survival, two men take opposing paths. At the age of ten, Daniel Walker...

Identity: an Emergence novel

By PantSeatPilot

19922 0 0 14118

Putting together the pieces of her past may be the only way for Nikki to save her present, and the future of the worlds; luckily, her friend, Fred is as invested in this discovery as she is. Meanwhile, a few young adults find that coming into their own may...

The Galatea

By shawnrushefsky

5679 0 0 4554

The people of earth, liberated from the shackles of capitalism, reach optimistically and ambitiously into the stars, and into the future. Come aboard the first luxury cruise to the first resort on Venus, and meet the people who made it happen.