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found family

Ellium What-if Oneshot: Well of Fury

By AurerianKing

1222 0 0 1588

The Realms of Reality are a twisting kaleidoscope of lives and life choices. Some play out just as they are destined to, some never come to be, and some are only a hazy figment of imagination. In a reality, Eros, the last son of King Dythermus Remedii,...

The Rise and Fall of the Glorious Qiao

By moa-sting

7145 0 0 450

Up on a bridge in Heaven, a dragon and a phoenix meet. Down in the mortal realm, a prince rescues a snake in a garden. Unlikely love blossoms and an unusual community is formed: the Qiao Clan, a group of humans, demons, and celestial beings, joined in a...

Identity: an Emergence novel

By PantSeatPilot

19303 0 0 14118

Putting together the pieces of her past may be the only way for Nikki to save her present, and the future of the worlds; luckily, her friend, Fred is as invested in this discovery as she is. Meanwhile, a few young adults find that coming into their own may...

The Merry Charter Crew

By Hail_Ryder02

4661 0 0 0

When the surviving crew members of the Merry Charter were separated from each other, Daisy, the first mate, leaves an A.I. chip and a note behind for Castor. Castor sets out to sail the stars to find Daisy and the Merry Charter while trying to peice together...