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Historical Fiction

Hell Incorporated Story Antholgy

By J.L. Blum

7179 0 0 4107

Were do the bad go when they die? Are all people go to hell treated equally? Is the Devil such a bad guy? Part of the In the shadows universe,this anthology story collection examining the horrifying, darkly funny and sometimes heartwarming stories of individuals...

Calling the HomeFront!

By psrdirector

7150 0 0 6045

See the origins of the first Super Hero team in America!

OCCULTA MUNDOS : After the Void


8834 2 0 1

Centennial, 2019 AD. Abruptly transported to an altered reality, certain people, many of whom bear no recollection of their past life, including an astute teenage genius - Xander Astral, a loyal soldier - Cere Zin, the blind herbalist boy - Micah, and a rebellious...

Becoming Hercules

By cryptoversal

69973 0 0 40183

Alkis has the strength of ten men. Iphicles comes from Ethiopian royalty. Pyrrha’s ancestor hatched from a dragon’s tooth. In seven-gated Thebes, these budding heroes will team up to redeem their honor, save their kingdom, and uncover shocking truths. BECOMING...