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dark humor

Hell Incorporated Story Antholgy

By J.L. Blum

7965 0 0 4107

Were do the bad go when they die? Are all people go to hell treated equally? Is the Devil such a bad guy? Part of the In the shadows universe,this anthology story collection examining the horrifying, darkly funny and sometimes heartwarming stories of individuals...

Black Street's Secret; Book 1 of the Tales of the Iron-side Misfits

By Keon Croucher

9269 0 0 12102

Ever since losing his brother's entire family, Andras has harbored a grudge against the shadowy organization known as the Black Street Butchers. Killers for hire whom are based in his home city of Geata-Iarainn, though they work all across Suranth for enough...

Washed Across the River

By Rat-Face

63555 1 0 90100

~First Edition!~ Nine-year-old mage-in-training Brina is having a bad day with her lessons. She is having a worse day with the walk (and accidental swim) she took to calm down. As she tries to make her way home, she recalls the many lessons of her adopted...

Night City

By Fexal

38962 0 0 31232

Follows some not-so-good characters as they try to navigate through crazy surreal situations while dealing with some very real problems in a crime-filled city ruled by violent gangs. The city will either swallow them whole while they try to live honestly...

Tales from Witch world

By Laurabones

2371 0 0 46283

A collection of short stories from my Witch World