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Sci-Fi Drama

Paul Smith (4338.209.4 - 4338.214.3)

By nateclive

10964 0 0 77856

Paul is a tale of survival, leadership, and the enduring power of family ties in the face of overwhelming odds. It's a story about finding light in the darkness, hope in despair, and the unyielding strength of the human spirit in the most challenging of environments....

Cody Jennings (4338.402.1 - 4338.212.1)

By nateclive

10345 0 0 82061

In a world cloaked in secrets and prophecies, Cody finds himself at a crossroads between heart and honour. As his affection for Gladys deepens, their lives become entwined with a Guardian destined to alter their reality. Navigating through a maze of loyalty,...

Luke Smith (4338.209.3 - 4338.214.3)

By nateclive

14123 0 0 103392

As a Guardian in the realm of portals, Luke grapples with family ties, faces the shadows of his past, and navigates the complexities of love and duty. Join him on this enthralling odyssey, where every portal holds a secret, and every secret reveals a new chapter...

Jamie Greyson (4338.204.1 - 4338.209.3)

By nateclive

17320 0 0 121166

Haunted by shadows of his past, Jamie Greyson navigates life with a guarded heart, his complex bond with Luke Smith teetering on the brink of collapse. When Jamie is thrust into a strange new world, every moment is a test, pushing him to confront not only...

Karen Owen (4338.207.1 - 4338.214.2)

By nateclive

8850 0 0 65969

This volume is a WIP, but feel free to explore the completed chapters.

Glenda De Bruyn (4338.206.1 - 4338.209.4)

By nateclive

12454 0 0 90559

Dr. Glenda De Bruyn's life takes a perilous turn when her link to a government conspiracy forces her to flee. Thrust into Clivilius, she confronts medical crises and hints of her father's mysterious past. As danger and discovery entwine, Glenda's relentless...

Kain Jeffries (4338.207.1 - 4338.11.2)

By nateclive

10481 0 0 58260

Kain Jeffries, a Tasmanian native and trainee construction worker, is awaiting the arrival of his first child with fiancée Brianne, when his life is turned upside down, and he must throw himself into helping a struggling settlement survive before it is too...

Sarah Lahey (4338.209.1 - 4338.214.2)

By nateclive

10700 0 0 72793

In the grip of Tasmania's eerie disappearances, Detective Sarah Lahey’s quest for answers becomes a personal crucible. As her investigation draws her deeper into the shadows, her tangled relationship with fellow detective Karl Jenkins blurs the lines between...

Gladys Cramer (4338.205.1 - 4338.214.3)

By nateclive

15488 0 0 93825

In a world frayed by tragedies, Gladys Cramer seeks solace in wine, her steadfast refuge amid life's turmoil. Tethered to a man ensnared by duty and love, she stands at a pivotal crossroads, her choices poised to weave the threads of her fate. Each glass of...

Beatrix Cramer (4338.205.1 - 4338.211.6)

By nateclive

16366 0 0 132599

Beatrix Cramer's life is a delicate balance of contradictions, her independence and keen intellect shadowed by her penchant for the forbidden. A master of acquisition, her love for antiques and the call of the wild drives her into the heart of danger, making...

Paul Smith (4338.204.1 - 4338.209.3)

By nateclive

17198 0 0 126632

In a harsh, new world, Paul Smith grapples with the remnants of a hostile marriage and the future of his two young children. Cast into the heart of an arid wasteland, his survival pushes him to the brink, challenging his every belief. Amidst the desolation,...

The Sapphire

By PondDragon

8298 0 0 14558

The past has always come to haunt him, yet each time it got to close for him he ran. He kept on running until he could not run no more, now being forced to deal with what he left behind. Suddenly the position he had spend years working on was all but taken...

Chris Owen (4338.208.1 - 4338.214.2)

By nateclive

621 0 0 34968

This volume is a WIP, but feel free to explore the completed chapters.