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Karen Owen (4338.207.1 - 4338.214.2)

By nateclive

8850 0 0 65969

This volume is a WIP, but feel free to explore the completed chapters.

Luke Smith (4338.204.1 - 4338.209.2)

By nateclive

20759 0 0 159601

Luke Smith's world transforms with the discovery of a cryptic device, thrusting him into the guardianship of destiny itself. His charismatic charm and unpredictable decisions now carry weight beyond imagination, balancing on the razor's edge between salvation...


By Jgesq

145300 32 1 84771

Gamers Isla and Ger are thrown into a worldwide conspiracy in 2058 as they battle the mysterious cyber-hacktivist, Jericho. Bound by circumstance and hunted by the police, Isla and Ger uncover a conspiracy set up by her own father to steal human consciousness...

Armward Fringe

By Wierdalien1

27617 0 0 56919

It is the year 2982, and the Pan-American Conglomerate has assaulted the Commonwealth of the United Kingdom on the planet of East Falklands. Alastair Macgregor, and his new Corps of three regiments have been sent to this war zone to sharpen their teeth....