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Mythological fantasy

Raven Warrior

By BornlessRaven

7681 15 0 42511

An enchanted , illustrated tale of magic, love, war, treachery, Kingdoms, allegiances and unexpected twists and turns. Raven Warrior reveals herself for the powerful sorceress that she is and that no Universe is too terrifying or perplexing for her.

Deep Down

By Art_n_Zeug

1906 0 0 2469

Go to the world page at your own risk, it contains a lot of spoilers

Equilibrium of The Heavens

By LuciousTPK

2561 0 0 1178

This is an experimental short story written in the style of a script for a lore scroll or animatic. It is mostly inspired from the shorts found within [i]Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel's[/i] story mode, but can also be taken as a script for a narrator as well. The intermission...

Myths of Korav

By DougisYourDM

2425 1 0 766

Here you will find the diverse stories collected from across the Worlds of Korav, collected and edited by the renowned poet and raconteur, Flortex Fizzlehide.

The curse of Dragontina

By Malagiso

23972 1 0 112369

When tricked by the green-haired witch, the beautiful Marfisa is forced to embark on a dangerous adventure to find the misterious Madalgarius and join his quest to discover the origin of three golden fey apples. Along with Medulfa and Aesara, she needs to...


By OrionZoldyck

696 0 0 0

Chapter logs of the um-brava light novel