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high fantasy

Le Cycle des Cieux, Lore 2 : Le Livre des Anges

By Allyps

288 0 0 18164

Ce livre présente le chœur élohien des anges, leurs chorales, leurs pouvoirs, leur histoire. Certaines sections de ce livre sont grandement inspirées de la BD Prométhéa d'Alan Moore.

Fire & Soul

By Krys P

810 0 0 9326

Daimen's world lies in ruins-his clan decimated; his parents brutally slain by the tyrannical Emperor Aelon. Consumed by grief and driven by a burning desire for vengeance, Daimen journeys to Ceiala. There, after a mission spirals into chaos, he inherits the...

Amazonia Stories

By Gunner1994

420 0 0 840

Various Stories from Amazonia

Lunarium Empire Stories

By Gunner1994

511 0 0 2665

Various stories from the Holy Lunarium Empire

Ravenlight the Series

By AStormsong

2540 0 0 18500

{New Chapters every Tuesday @7PM CST} A fantastical series of weekly chapters featuring Chapter Art/Manga Panels. Current Saga: #1- Scarlet Dawn | Saga 1 Summary | Following the near collapse of her clan, 17 Y.O. Elise Bakuuva has ventured out into an unknown...

The Chronicles of Eldurim

By MustBTV

5082 0 0 29651

In the heart of Verdant Valley lies Riverleaf, a city where nature and civilization blend seamlessly. Faenala Moonsmile, a druid seeking answers about her lineage, journeys from Arvandor to Riverleaf for the Celestial Starfall event. Meanwhile, Magnus Farkhum,...

Fate of the Sun Wielder

By laurakroll

774 1 0 2959

Luna Morrenden doesn't have what it takes to fulfill her destiny as heir to the throne of the Fulminian Desert. As a descendant of the two strongest bloodlines of sun-wielders - mortals who harness solar magic - she should be an unmatched force. But Luna's...

Le Cycle des Cieux, Tome 4 : Intrigues au Palais d'Argent

By Allyps

4569 0 0 75450

(Suite du Cycle des Cieux, Tome 3 : La Route du Pendu) La guerre fait rage dans les Royaumes de Cieux. Depuis la Shekkinah, EL, le Créateur, a été détruit et sa création est menacée par des hordes de démons qui dévorent tout sur leur passage. Les élohim,...

Mordena Dawn, Book 2: Spirits of the Relentless

By Vazdimet

20281 0 0 100701

[b]To lead others, he must first embrace who he was – and what he must become.[/b] After the Turncoat Armada’s surrender, Void necromancer Shane Lawrence is left with a command he never sought and a fleet without a sanctuary. At risk of retribution from both...

Sly Telmein: Finding a new home

By Erthoscreations

2066 0 0 5289

The rogue, Sly Telmein, has found himself in a dangerous position. With nowhere safe in the realm of Daraan, he chooses to find a new home. Reaching a new land is not an easy task when an entire clan of deadly varishu is hunting you.

Ellium What-if Oneshot: Well of Fury

By AurerianKing

3217 0 0 1588

The Realms of Reality are a twisting kaleidoscope of lives and life choices. Some play out just as they are destined to, some never come to be, and some are only a hazy figment of imagination. In a reality, Eros, the last son of King Dythermus Remedii,...

Tomb of Memory

By Aeryn H

3862 0 0 15987

Awakening in a tomb where she is surrounded by death, Rieta has no memory of who she was, save a burning anger that flares up whenever she looks at a necklace that was in her hand when she awoke. Slowly gathering a rag-tag team, she sets out to unlock the...

Ellium: Miracle for the Cursed Son

By AurerianKing

1393 0 0 636

Since the day he was born, Eros has only ever had two titles: The Least prince, and the Cursed Son. He’s always fought the idea, believing them to just be foolish cutdowns by those who envied his family. But with his ever present failing health, and the family...

Ascension: A Solevian Folktale

By Rubethyst

12558 0 0 48772

Three years before The Ambassador's Conquest; a world divided in three is brought to the brink of collapse. The young spirits inheriting the future must turn against the worlds they know to prevent the destruction of all that they are.

Ambition: The Ambassador's Conquest

By Rubethyst

11055 0 0 83436

Once upon, the world was united in a single continent, beneath the rule of a virtuous Elven Kingdom. But Armageddon brought that era to an end; now three dominating forces struggle to pick up the pieces. Alikath Navarre, final surviving member of a political...

A Runaway Father's Odyssey

By Xerolo44

5517 6 0 8460

Embark on an emotional journey in "A Runaway Father's Odyssey" as Benedikt unravels the intricate threads of his enigmatic past. Bearing the burdens of betrayal, adventure, and the quest for redemption, Benedikt's soul-stirring narrative takes center stage....

Evenacht: Greenglimmer

By Kwyn Marie

14059 31 1 74939

What price, Redemption? Greenglimmer, a dark and secretive part of the Elfiniti Rainforest, initially opens its arms to Vantra, Laken, and the mini-Joyful. However, the port city, Selaserat, hides more than local corruption. Vantra, completing a favor for...

Le Cycle des Cieux, Lore 1 : L'Histoire de la Création selon les élohim

By Allyps

12316 0 0 45962

Ce livre relate le lore du Cycle des Cieux. Il s'agit d'un manuel relatant l'histoire de la Création d'EL telle que connue par les élohim du quatorzième millénaire. De la Genèse de la Création jusqu'aux hordes titanesques du quatorzième millénaire, découvrez...

The Vibes of Oniran

By Jontaro

6038 8 4 297

A Gallery of Sauce, a pantry if you will. A compendium of all the splash arts I've made for my world, all of them with a bit of flavor text as a treat. As long as I keep drawing this collection will keep getting updated. Hope you like them!

Life's Heart

By Yerran

3443 0 0 13088

Light and dark. Life and death. Good and evil. All things in balance, or so the laws of the universe say. But laws are made to be broken. Darkness is growing once more, its tendrils spreading throughout the cosmos, and with the closing of the great...

Aanrah Collection

By necrowmancer

2633 0 0 4807

A collection of stories centered around different times and factions of the world of Aanrah. Each chapter will have its own warnings and tags related to what subplot it is a part of!

Dagger in the Moonlight

By Drax1c

2746 0 0 5227

Book 1 of the Sylona Chronicles. Sylona was just a normal girl who spent her days studying artifacts and going out on expeditions. But everything changed when the leading family of Moonbright was attacked. Backed by some unlikely allies, she finds herself...

Arm and a Leg

By Jontaro

22996 103 6 84

It's an average day in Trinkets & Spellscrolls, a popular magic item shop in Stonewood. Or at least average until the chaotic neutral member of the party realizes he's low on funds AND charisma. Hilarity ensues. This is actually the first comic I've ever...

Le Cycle des Cieux, Tome 3 : La Route du Pendu

By Allyps

15432 0 0 54225

(Suite du Cycle des Cieux, Tome 2 : Le Fitzarch Pénitent) La guerre fait rage dans les Royaumes de Cieux. Depuis la Shekkinah, EL, le Créateur, a été détruit et sa création est menacée par des hordes de démons qui dévorent tout sur leur passage. Les élohim,...

The were-dragon of Hercynia

By Malagiso

8661 0 0 78841

Volusius has had only one wish since he lost himself as a child in the forest of Hercynia. His wish is granted when one day the mysterious Varuclezia offers to help him slay the dragon of Hercynia, which has ravaged his home town three times. They both set...

Guardians and Keepers of Myth

By FableLady

10581 0 0 22775

In the distant land of Myth, Magic still thrives. It's where Fable, a young, elven potion maker, works to make her own way in the realm. But after one of her potions strikes fear into the very heart of her village, warning them of an old foe returning, Fable...

Birth of the Witness

By phaylur

2271 0 0 2657

Millhouse, god of death, is thrown from his home plain of Aecretis into an unknown land. Millhouse has lost everything, and now finds himself a board a waterwalker galleon. Millhouse decides he is going to join the Waterwalker's crew, but can he really live...

Tales of Koria

By CrazyEddie

7270 5 0 12039

You have read about the Spiral, about Elves, Dwarves, Underlings and the Horrors from down below. But you never experienced them firsthand. Now is your chance. From the dwindling roads down into the depths of the Spiral or from the start of the very Creation,...

Howling Shadows

By WantedHero

39151 0 0 159501

Bloody Screams. Enchanted Wolves. Shadows Trying to Kill You. Now mix in a terrified teen. Finally home and safe from psychotic Noah, one’d think Wendell deserves a moment’s rest from the Iskari High Council, not making up a year’s worth of meetings. Add...

Rorin of the Inku

By AquaDarling

3258 0 0 12396

Rorin is the leader of her small tribe of people, the Inku. They must raid human villages to survive, but Rorin wishes more for her people. A steadier way of life as traders is preferable to this violent lifestyle. But this way of life is steeped in tradition...

Equilibrium of The Heavens

By LuciousTPK

3843 0 0 1178

This is an experimental short story written in the style of a script for a lore scroll or animatic. It is mostly inspired from the shorts found within [i]Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel's[/i] story mode, but can also be taken as a script for a narrator as well. The intermission...

Arknos : Gate of Kingdom

By LeieSistal

7019 0 0 29231

Recent developments in the political landscape of the neighboring kingdom of Lendre have thrown the ruling elite of Liviana into turmoil. As the council of Dukes, representing the powerful Great Houses of Liviana, convene to address the escalating crisis,...

Of Princes and Exiles - Sample

By lyneaky2

7653 0 0 9430

Sample chapters of a high fantasy novel for adults. *** Sometimes, the heart does not choose until it's too late. This has never been more true for Amilié, a valuable Blade of the Triple Eye. She's always strived to protect her loved ones, even by leaving...

The curse of Dragontina

By Malagiso

38274 1 0 112369

When tricked by the green-haired witch, the beautiful Marfisa is forced to embark on a dangerous adventure to find the misterious Madalgarius and join his quest to discover the origin of three golden fey apples. Along with Medulfa and Aesara, she needs to...

In Their Shadows

By LeeStepp

28628 1 0 187470

"She will bear the weight of her destiny not amid the light but within the darkness. While she is a young faltering star before the starving void in her youth, when she is ready, she will draw in those greedy, ambitious souls tainting her home and snuff them...

Learning the Hard Way

By Rat-Face

38925 0 0 68923

~Second Edition!~ ~Chapters five and six are getting a complete makeover, and everything else is getting adjusted.~ Brina, the nine-year-old mage-in-training is having a Bad Magic Day, and runs away from lessons to calm down. The soothing walk turns disastrous...

Seven Seals, The Legend of Bālthazar: Proof of Valor

By SixPathsSage

8470 0 0 6854

The cosmos is in shambles, the scars of the Great War in Heaven have not healed and an age of stagnation has fallen over the Realms. The Legend of Bālthazar chronicles the life and adventures of Sir Bālthazar Skyburner, a mythic figure and legendary hero....

Tales from Primarium

By Mad Storyteller

6975 0 0 6347

A collection of tales from across the world of Primarium.

The Fanged Hunter

By Seneschal the World Builder

16537 0 0 8179

Vampires are the stuff of nightmares in most of Avestra. In the lands of the Lonavi, they are seen as living rulers of the shadows and dhampir their loyal servants. Gallus, one of these dhampir, is sent far from home to hunt down an undead vampire with nothing...

Journal from an Outsider

By thonky

20908 0 0 1926

A journal found in the space between planes, detailing the events of a Githzerai adventurer that was once exploring the space with a crew, only to be whisked away by an unknown force to the Material Plane, far from the Githzerai's home.

Tales of Zurkonia

By Zurchonic

151613 1 0 95267

All worlds have a center point that lies upon their outermost layer. This surface center is where the souls of the world gather. Souls and energy. Cities, wars, discoveries, love, death, and creation stem from this center. Zurkonia long has stood Either as...

Tyndastr World Guide

By Delioth

36753 0 0 17821

This work-in-progress manuscript details the background, history, and details of the Mystletainn Cradle and surrounding regions of Týndastr. This includes some mechanics compatible with the Pathfinder 2nd Edition tabletop RPG, and many of the details herein...

Les Héros et Déchus d'Argana

By Landry Blodwyn

8209 1 0 2103

Ce recueil regroupe toutes les nouvelles portant sur des personnages importants du continent d'Argana. Héros, déchus et fripouilles, vous retrouvez toutes sortes de figures.

Gorveron, la banshee destructrice

By Landry Blodwyn

8075 1 0 2234

Gorveron est une banshee chaotique, destructrice, meurtrière, qui dérobe les âmes de ses victimes et les enferme dans son cristal bleu pâle, un Enfer palpable où ces essences hurlent à l'agonie. Suivez les aventures de cet antagoniste maléfique, Roi du Détroit...

Clouded Judgement

By jester2b

27901 1 0 12465

Niklas, a wandering sellsword, accepts a job to investigate a mysterious fog that has the locals fearing the worst. While the local baron considers it nothing more than a natural fog, Niklas and his band are not so sure. Cover art by inigoiio, you can view...

The Histories of the Realm of Beardsgaard

By Beardsgaard

30511 1 2 19160

Deep in the void of the cosmos, the heart of a dying star gains sentience, and begins to crafts the Realm from the bones and seeds of the stories of our world. These are those stories, an anthology collection of tales of heroes and halfwits, magic and mayhem,...


By GodlyBob

21818 0 5 22913

The history of Ta'nefret is a sacred thing. Accounts of rulers, magicians, voyagers, and all manner of other information has been recorded and faithfully reproduced, without error, for thousands of years. Scribes are trained from a very early age to continue...

Dominion of Darkness

By deleyna

90704 2 0 88512

In a land where Light and Shadow are bastions of power, the Draska are healers and magicians of the Light. Elainya and her beloved Drenil serve in the court of King Cydril. But Cydril covets Elainya for his own. When the king threatens Drenil’s life, a mysterious...

Quest of the Seal Bearers - Book 1: The Warriors Return

By awgcoleman

265595 0 0 259169

On the distant world of Mendala, a rash of mysterious attacks have left many towns destroyed, and there are rumors of an army of monsters. Fantasma, leader of the global government, and his colleagues are determined to find the cause of these attacks. However,...

The Fairy and the Assassin

By WolfofWinter

11147 0 0 2860

Ashly is a young fairy who has a Goddess on her side. Faris is a human assassin with a target on his back. This is a story about how they met and fell for one another, even though they are from different worlds. There will be ups and downs but will love...

Black Zombie

By rikia

9695 3 1 1113

On the Day of the First Snow, when humanity lost everything, a baby was born. This child must now carry a burden she never asked for and go on a quest for the eternal salvation of the human race.

The Rise of Dezno Zaniro

By Jemileo

7458 1 0 4629

Cobbled together by eye witnesses and the personal childhood journey of Dezno, the story of the individual behind the first global war is a warning against underestimating the ambition of the gifted. From selection, to prodigy, to leader of the largest arcane...

Ellium: Song in the Silence

By AurerianKing

15860 1 2 9184

Dark premonitions and nightmares held little weight to Lycena Aresborne. With the abrupt departure of her lover, she answers a summons by her father in his crusade into untamed territory. What she had thought to be a path to clear her wild spirit quickly...

The Prophet and the Dark Lord

By AmélieIS

6524 8 1 5407

Despite her young age, Elènie is a famous prophet at the Sérannian royal court, having established herself by revealing the existence of a Dark Lord plotting against the king. Yet, one year later with the Dark Lord still unmasked, her status is once again...

In the face of death incarnate

By Rahjar

9689 2 1 1700

Death is dying. Death decides to do something about it, and enrolls Amdalae to find out what's going on. Amdalae and her three friends make a pact to enter the forbidden lands of Nevermore, and defeat it's guardian.

Washed Across the River

By Rat-Face

63554 1 0 90100

~First Edition!~ Nine-year-old mage-in-training Brina is having a bad day with her lessons. She is having a worse day with the walk (and accidental swim) she took to calm down. As she tries to make her way home, she recalls the many lessons of her adopted...

Battle Mage of Mehonoris: The Changeling

By Kiyomo

127319 1 0 101563

The Empire of Five Kings, founded hundreds of years past, has stood for generations as a forced pillar of unity. However, in order to maintain that unity against the various threats and dangers outside city walls a group of soldiers and arcanists were assembled....


By cedorsett

66506 0 0 25453

The windjammer, Maeve Lambourne, needs to land a new patron in the worst way. Low on supplies and desperately needing the armaments to survive the Daskensian threat, she's willing to take any job. A mysterious stranger offers her a simple task for a huge payout:...

A Desert Rescue

By CorsairAquilus

10675 3 1 3567

A Dhar ranger is on patrol ahead of her band in the Marai Desert and discovers a lost merchant.

Tuloks Kurzgeschichten

By Drake Ragon

19379 0 0 4497

Bild: (c) Max Emmert Eine Reihe an Geschichten rund um Tulok

The Tranquil Expanse

By Athena Rae

120631 4 1 114887

[b]Part 1: Inyarel[/b][br] The country of Inyarel has been thrust into war between the elves and the humans. The humans went from peacefully living in Inyarel to invading the cities and forests the elves called home, claiming these locations for themselves....

Cinders of Imagination

By ka_jan

10836 4 1 3074

Adelaide returned to her Home when everyone else was fleeing from the Drought that struck the Region, but all she could do was to foster her dying Cousin and to honor the Dead. Promising him to "Never Let Go" she turns towards Iverbent, the Capitol of the...

The Sands that Slumber

By Magenth

11685 0 0 3296

Since creation, the Embodied Gods have played with the mortals as pawns to their whims. The divine Guardians, the counterforce to the pantheon proved to hold no refuge for mortalkin. The world, still young and growing, sits at peace after the catalysm that...

Creation of a Monster

By SanctifiedSavage

5939 4 3 1824

What happens when desperation draws a monster, like a moth to flame. It's the start of it all - the creation of the Xhousong Fissure - or at least the moment that led up to what changed the very landscape of a continent.

The Hidden Blade

By MarieMullany

29115 0 0 8660

The bluron’s wings delivers a stark command of death as the Empire teeters on the edge of a most uncivil war. For the first time in Her long history, a ducal line has failed. The last duke of Etendulat is dead and none of his heirs have undertaken the Trials...

The Hidden Sonnets of Caedmon Briarheart

By LadyAdepha

41459 6 0 2253

It is well known throughout Valdys that Cademon Briarheart, Royal Guard and author of the many poetic works which have been posthumously compiled into the popular 'Bardic Lyrics of Caedmon Briarheart', was the long time lover and partner of the late King Velebor....

Volume 1: Amberfall

By fyzu

71867 0 0 46588

A band of unlikely heroes undertake a quest in the name of the god Firmaren. Led by a blessed tome, their journey takes them to the city of Ambstalt-- the City of Amber-- in northwestern Yomi. Joining the Order of the Golden Lance, they must root out and...

Novence Eternal: The Story So Far

By fyzu

25178 0 0 2322

An unlikely band of heroes, chosen as Resonants by the Ennead, embarked on a journey that will decide the fate of the world. This is their tale, as recorded by Morgan, the spirit of the Living Library. -- This is a transcription of the session history of...

Season 1 - In Search of the Unknown.

By KaijuKojin

12295 0 0 15195

The Explorer's guild has broken through Ard'Vanwa and into the realms of Mystara. Familiar with the surroundings, they send out a call to brave individuals who would be willing to risk their lives for fame and fortune and help the people of Terris Berg search...

The Adventures of Kofos

By andybola

22874 0 0 4337

Kofos is a land of myth and legend, of tale and tragedy, holding promise and danger for any traveler willing to traverse its lands. Wars and politics happen often, oftentimes used as tools by highborn nobles to gain profit. Magic and mythical beasts lurk around...


By Usagiamma

20476 0 0 996

A voyage for the truth. But maybe the truth vanishes for a reason...

What Goes Around

By Vazdimet

23171 1 0 1483

What happens when limitless magic meets dysfunctional families? What Goes Around recounts various family events and interactions as a collection of short stories set within the world of Fillimet.


By Paladrax-deleted

22023 0 0 0

This is the epic story of Freydis, daughter of Osric the Cutter. From her forest cottage in Saerad, she escalates her quest for adventure until, with the help of her friend Syl The Witch, she defeats the Duke of Darkwings to win herself a Kingdom. Epic fights...

Short stories

By CraniumBeaver

11400 0 0 1125

A collection of short stories set in Amanor. In [b]Jar of Souls[/b], the God of Death is being pursued through the Ethereal Plane. Unable to escape his dangerous adversary, he decides to make his stand. At stake is more than his life, for what he guards must...

The Storm Winds of Glazglubin

By IsaNite

34777 2 0 26658

"My father once told me: 'There is a monster in every man, boy. Within me, there is a host, and one day it'll be yours to command.' The thing is, he still believes it. When Maya and I fled the Old Country and joined the Keepers of the Middle Lands, we left...

Tooth and Claw

By Neo_Fluff

26719 0 0 11115

When Dust, a young Felinae, goes out in the world for the first time, he is sucked into a world full of wonders and nightmares,light and darkness, and an ancient evil that is just waiting to rise once again.

The Jinn from Another World

By jdtcreates

12059 0 0 3035

So this was a one-shot made in 2013 for writing critique. I was barely worldbuilding at the time so technically this verison of the characters and the facts littered here are no longer accurate (or "non-canon") to how they are now but that's how it used to...

The Legends of Flor'eliant

By Szyarran Shyl

10897 2 2 40289

Gjio is the origin and the end. These are the Legends of Flor'eliant, a rich realm of Ajia and sentient species across the globe. Though separated by geography, within this binding is the translation of many Gyri of the Salton Basin. Though their basin is...

Chronicles of Osera: Child of Mesendra

By Jennaskel

42933 1 0 27685

"The things I've created have consequence, therefore balance remains. What you have made has rules, which could always be bent. However, what Mesendra has done," Kallemor takes a slow inhale and releases it in a low hum. "It is sacrilege." ✴ When the spirit...

The Birth Of Solirium

By Nicholasong

13597 2 0 312

Despite the luscious forests and calm atmosphere, the world has been injected with an aura of negativity and there is nothing that could cull it. Live with it, or die.

Dark Waters

By TimeBender

189557 0 0 0

In a flying city, in the world of Nearth, there lives a small doub. He is perfectly happy with his life, until one day, he meets a strange, giant feline that takes him on a wild adventure all across Nearth. Their goal is to save their world from a terrible...

Anvilite Adventures - Futuristic Stasis Rescue

By Lenosallose

13275 1 0 7807

The Anvilites Evelyn Arcasai and Odin Cayain have been given an assignment to put an end to a Phasma Ecto Cult near the fringest of the Doctor's Conclave District.

The Price of Fame

By WantedHero

156063 0 0 66433

Honest Politicians. Humane Terrorists. Religious Devils. Then it gets confusing… Wendell’s learned that gnomes are just as irritating and dangerous as humans…they just come in smaller packaging. Citizens are rebelling, the government’s collapsing, the Church...

The Truth About Lies

By WantedHero

39339 0 0 78799

Caught. Tortured. Scheduled for execution. Any Questions? Wendell and Dax are exposed and the gnomes of Clockwork City are freaking out. Are they spies? Is this an invasion? Was this all just a terror tactic to get gnomes to pay their taxes? Now with Wendell...

Second Chances

By WantedHero

164193 3 0 70106

Fame. Fortune. Thrown into the City incinerator. Wendell’s chance at the title was always a long shot. Since then he’s been on TV, Radio and even has the attention of The Church. Fact is, he’s more popular than ever. So why are people trying to kill him? (It’s...

Into The Fire

By WantedHero

181704 2 0 80636

Stranded, alone…with a tree sticking out of his bellybutton. Wendell’s task is simple: get to Til-Thorin Keep. No problem. Add to that no map, no help and no flippin’ idea where he is and you have a day in the life of our hero. Oh wait—we forgot to add the...

An Unsolvable Problem

By WantedHero

14312 0 0 6088

Where did Dax...the 3' 10", half-naked, cigar-smoking, green-skinned, heavy-drinking, foul-tempered creature come from? You wouldn't believe me if I told you. But I'll tell you anyway...

Race to Til-Thorin

By WantedHero

171304 18 0 84537

Dream girls. Fried snails. A 30” bodyguard with pink ponytails. Being a hero comes with learning curves. The curve of a hip. The curve of a sword. The curve of a sucker punch as it connects with your face. It wouldn’t be so bad if Wendell had professionals...


By RPGDinosaurBob

11445 6 0 2559

A short story about a troubled and terribly misguided soul who thought to improve the lot of the living.

Le Cycle des Cieux, Tome 2 : Le Fitzarch pénitent

By Allyps

24025 0 0 52775

(Suite du Cycle des Cieux, Tome 1 : Les Gardiens de Sicad) La guerre fait rage dans les Royaumes de Cieux. Depuis la Shekkinah, EL, le Créateur, a été détruit et sa création est menacée par des hordes de démons qui dévorent tout sur leur passage. Les élohim,...

Seyeks arcane adventure

By Zurchonic

2590 0 0 965

Sticky situations follow sticky people. The plasma creature Seyek finds themself stuck between a struggle for Light as one G

Fixing The Unbroken

By Kranjax

449 0 0 16802

Cross-over collaborative story telling. 3 authors, 2 worlds, a lot of characters, and even more shenanagins.


By Shadowcaper

6789 0 0 3959

The Underdark is known to be full of perils beyond counting. Many heroes delve into the depths seeking to make a name for themselves, but few return and those that do are forever changed, as if the essence of the Underdark somehow bound itself to their very...

Mictia, The Secret Language

By Limon12

3502 0 0 0

Welcome to Naua, a thriving continent that was once plagued by the Undying War, an almost millennia long war between Men and the Meias, the Elder Race, for the control of the Mictia. The secret language of the Gods that grants its users the ability to reach...

The Coming of Darkness

By NyxGaia

4418 0 0 1788

A ranger and his master have been running for years from the ever growing forces of Roy Agios and the Emperor Mortalis. Dragons have all but disappeared, and magic is considered a terrible crime under imperial decree. But hope burns within those who suffer,...

The Kissing Stone and The Hidden Twins: A Gnome's Tale

By DEMStories

614 0 0 6230

So how does a deep mountain chaos gnome go from being a street urchin in the streets of Waterdeep to being wanted dead or alive, to owning three (3) mines, a poison factory, and a magic fuel processing empire that encompasses most of Faerûn? Well, Qizicxz's...