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Heroic fantasy


By Mardrena

3272 0 0 200292

Set after the events of Message, the five Ronin Warriors Ryo, Rowen, Kento, Sage, and Cye, take a trip to the scenic outdoors to learn about their new Armors. However, their presence attracts the ire of a vengeful Dynasty lieutenant. Faced with this new enemy...

The Lost Treasure of the Forsaken

By w.c.markarian

2974 0 0 13688

Rashid al Zaki al Amine Fouladh, the valiant and steadfast leader of the King’s Guard, is devoted to his duty—protecting the great King of Tafilat. So, when King Anwar commands Rashid to lead an expedition into the Ta’Gengan, a mysterious wasteland few people...

The Vibes of Oniran

By Jontaro

2531 5 4 297

A Gallery of Sauce, a pantry if you will. A compendium of all the splash arts I've made for my world, all of them with a bit of flavor text as a treat. As long as I keep drawing this collection will keep getting updated. Hope you like them!

The Bad King

By Atari 2600

5867 1 0 20824

The greatest fear of all who call the Shattered Sea home is to slip beneath the clouds and go Under. For that is where the horrific Abyssal Domaine exists with demons and eldritch monstrosities of incredible violence. That's exactly where our heroes find...

The Knight of Tanner Square - Book Two of the Two Orphans Series

By malaki12

1801 0 0 0

The Two Orphans return to Breeston after tragedy befalls them. As they continue their exile from their native home of Hayston, the Guild is still seeking to eliminate the threat of the Ravens. The two orphans begin differant paths as the city suffers, once...

Across Shattered Seas

By Cameron_Vec

2258 0 0 556

Out of the mist came great beasts of men, men who tore apart the land. Met by the resolve of those who called it home what started as a small conflict would rapidly expand to much of the world.

Equilibrium of The Heavens

By LuciousTPK

2561 0 0 1178

This is an experimental short story written in the style of a script for a lore scroll or animatic. It is mostly inspired from the shorts found within [i]Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel's[/i] story mode, but can also be taken as a script for a narrator as well. The intermission...

Myrek et le Livre des Morts

By LittleDarkRaven

17389 0 0 39011

Myrek est un voyageur, un chroniqueur. Alors qu'il cherchait à se renseigner sur une vieille légende de la contrée de Mérinvieux, dans le Grand Duché, il se retrouve entraîné dans une quête au travers des Landes, territoire mystérieux regorgeant de morts-vivants. D'abord...

The New Kings of Kyro

By Atari 2600

28253 0 0 7631

An abandoned tower. Enemies in the shadows. Riches and glory hidden and revealed. A deadly beast. Lies and secrets.

A Frontier Unwound: Red Winds

By greentop

8610 0 0 11816

When the world came unwound from itself, some lost everything. Their homes, their families, everything they ever knew. I did the same. Now, with faeries, vampires, Olympians, and many other creatures wandering around our world, we simply have to adjust....


By Durhelwyr

35901 0 0 0

BOOK TWO OF THE THREE TATTERED TOMES Part One Old heroes collide in their search for the dread 'Crystal of Sralak' to save a nation from invasion by the forces of evil. It all goes wrong and the heroes have to pick up the shattered chunks. Part Two Duvial,...

Dinas Ddraig

By Durhelwyr

30015 0 0 0

The Blue King Vorgentah paves the way for the advance of the XIIIth into the shattered lands of Lancyridac. He comes to battle hideous under­ ground dragons blocking his path, a clan of assassins and then journeys to Dyradin, the secret druid town of the Nral....


By Durhelwyr

29366 0 0 0

LYSIDRIL - BOOK THREE The Blue Lord and Marshal of Armies with his Green Queen, Lady Green Robes, complete their conquest of the once severed Isle of Siriol. Many strategies are placed, to ensure strength and defense. Amongst them, The Faerie Throne is uncovered...


By Durhelwyr

27695 0 0 0

SIGLAĈOL – BOOK TWO Cymbria ‘Green Robes’ and her man, Vorgentah ‘Marshal of Armies’ venture into the closed Isle of Siriol to complete their quest to defeat ancient and obsolete enchantments of a long dead goddess. Spectacular combats ensue, and with the...


By Durhelwyr

26984 0 0 0

This is a story based on a campaign record! The Blue Lord and Marshal of Armies, Vorgentah and his Lady the Green Queen Cymbria, are cast across worlds to a land lost in the turmoil of eternal war. Elusennol, wrecked by conflicts of cataclysmic proportions,...


By Durhelwyr

41119 0 0 0

(Republished this here on World Anvil. It's been here before, with 11 k+ reads. It came down after I went offline for a year and my previous WA I.D. changed on returning. Ulfsdrottnir is a fable I created based on the game storyline of my wife's RPG character...

The Observatory

By Atari 2600

11560 0 0 4956

In which Conn discovers that Creation is not perfect and that knowing that has consequences.

Kertmag the Terrible

By Jgesq

8878 0 0 1257

Kertmag suffers the indignities of his long life as a hero-for-hire. Somethings gotta give! Perhaps a change of address?

The Five Kingdoms Book 1: Internal Darkness

By Exaldear

89205 0 0 73441

Adrex is a Orphan raised as a ward of Castle Blackhill, upon the day of the Acceptance Ceremony a old power is discovered in him. Meanwhile evil is making it's move to conquer the lands once more and Adrex will have a major part to play for both sides.

04-La loi d'urgence

By alia__

48395 0 0 23859

La situation se complique dans l'empire, le Collège est obligé de voter une série de loi dont l'une d'elle a des répercussions sur les étudiants.

Battle Mage of Mehonoris: The Changeling

By Kiyomo

106378 1 0 101563

The Empire of Five Kings, founded hundreds of years past, has stood for generations as a forced pillar of unity. However, in order to maintain that unity against the various threats and dangers outside city walls a group of soldiers and arcanists were assembled....


By cedorsett

55341 0 0 25453

The windjammer, Maeve Lambourne, needs to land a new patron in the worst way. Low on supplies and desperately needing the armaments to survive the Daskensian threat, she's willing to take any job. A mysterious stranger offers her a simple task for a huge payout:...

The Scape

By DomDrake

20284 0 0 8793

*Work in Progress* They say books can take you to other worlds, only limited by your imagination. Who doesn't like that, who doesn't want to take part in an adventure filled with monsters and fighting. Kateb loves books, they love it less when they get kidnapped...

Stories of Beginnings

By kerupt

9962 0 0 1201

[i]Being raised by the elemental creatures of the Quelatian Empire is strange on its own. However, stories of their creation and beginnings are stranger still.[/i] [dc]Y[/dc]oung Jakuul took well to the teaching of the Quelatian Empire, but stories of their...

Edge of the World

By Meta Wizard

30565 0 0 33072

- The Construct, Book One Backcover Humanity is lost and is searching for a place to call home. In the year 2234 an Alien species known as the Void Beings Stellaformed our Sun ending all life remaining in our Solar System. New Technology untested and dangerous...

Countless Heroes Campaign

By Nerdsmith

31981 0 0 17805

Episode Recaps for our first D&D livestream show: Countless Heroes. A West Marches Style D&D campaign set in the world of Vayl. Sixteen players make up our party of heroes, and five nights a week, our DM leads a handful of us through adventure and peril in...

Watcher's Rising

By TrixQuinzel

27844 0 0 27037

The night Mylea Rathiain's family are slaughtered in their beds, she is sent on a path that she would never have expected to find herself on. Thrown into a journey that is far more deadly then it first appears, Mylea must now not only stop a Corrupting Force...


By Paladrax-deleted

20471 0 0 0

This is the epic story of Freydis, daughter of Osric the Cutter. From her forest cottage in Saerad, she escalates her quest for adventure until, with the help of her friend Syl The Witch, she defeats the Duke of Darkwings to win herself a Kingdom. Epic fights...

The Storm Winds of Glazglubin

By IsaNite

30563 2 0 26658

"My father once told me: 'There is a monster in every man, boy. Within me, there is a host, and one day it'll be yours to command.' The thing is, he still believes it. When Maya and I fled the Old Country and joined the Keepers of the Middle Lands, we left...


By Wulfhawk2012

369 0 0 2484

Earth as you know it isn't what you think it is. For eons, humanity has thought it was the only sentient species, not just on their world, but in the galaxy at large. Oh, how wrong they are. This is a story of knights, charging in on their valiant metal...


By Kassandra Troy

5892 0 0 748

When Ardeshir is sent on a rescue mission by the Mage Guild, he soon uncovers an ancient power and a forgotten enemy.

Fires of Valdara: Shenanigoons Campaign 1

By Nerdsmith

6194 0 0 2

A D&D actual play podcast starring five adventurers across the sea in an industrial city called Ashport. They are Proctors, aka adventurers on the payroll of the Birchfield Institute, tasked with collecting dangerous magical artifacts.

Tales of the Nine

By essentiallyawerebear

5306 0 0 331

These tales are considered myths by most, and while there is likely more to the stories, these oral traditions were finally recorded on parchment in there present form which can be found in any temple in the Pentaverate.