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Fantasy Thriller

Luke Smith (4338.204.1 - 4338.209.2)

By nateclive

20755 0 0 159601

Luke Smith's world transforms with the discovery of a cryptic device, thrusting him into the guardianship of destiny itself. His charismatic charm and unpredictable decisions now carry weight beyond imagination, balancing on the razor's edge between salvation...

A Safe Place to Hide

By TimeBender

11164 3 1 2176

A lonely monster raised by humanity fights against a mafia conspiracy that threatens to wipe out not only his found family, but the entire city he has sworn to protect as a patrol officer, regardless of if the people inside care about him or not.

Ellyse of Wonderspire

By Sterrestel

20266 0 0 553

Corruption lurks in Wonderspire, and it's people are falling one by one. When Ellyse falls from a tall tree in the woods near her home, she is met with strange characters and a dangerous adventure. Will Ellyse survive long enough to get back home, or will...

The Name of the Manuscript

By DarkDekuLord

7721 0 0 9462

Prompt : Tell us about a touch changing someone’s life Treat others as you wish to be treated. The golden rule that has existed since before recorded time began. But what happens when you don't wish to be treated that well. Derek, an up and coming adventurer...