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adult themes


By darthcredence

3492 0 0 28112

The truth about the world is revealed on a late night talk show, right before it is firmly upended. When a mysterious woman appears on the set of America's most popular late night talk show, she claims that she will be revealed as the supreme being in the...

Daughter of Zarthos

By J.L. Blum

90119 0 0 19812

Nathan Orthos and Samuel Silverman were two 18 yearolds were thinking about their future together and life after high school. As they looked out to the stars from the trailer park were they lived in neither of them knew that circumstances stances beyond their...

Electronic Auguries

By John Perceval Cain

23807 2 0 13544

Members of Earth’s Innominate Council just revived Alex. She has kept all her procedural memories. But doesn’t remember who she is. Alex learns they have augmented her with both cybernetics and genetic changes. The Council places her on a Team which is planning...


By Jgesq

10135 0 0 2426

It was Ryan’s brilliant idea to mod up a false adult ID that he and Kyle could use to get online. VICTIM was waiting.

Autumn Evenings

By User51

11446 3 2 9275

A decade and a half of war have left Sherif cold and disillusioned. Regretful that he has missed life and love, he returns to the small village of his youth hoping to find peace, but finds instead dark secrets and an ancient curse.

House of Scarlet

By ejmichaels

36199 0 0 0

A tale in the saga of The Twenty-year Slave, House of Scarlet takes place immediately following the conclusion of "Skamsen and the Lady." HOS details the story of the lady dressed in scarlet who chooses the sea instead of a life of servitude. But the gods...