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Female Protagonist

Tales of a Moonshadow Priest

By Ogliara

2092 0 0 25529

A collection of tales told by the priests of the Moonshadow across the world of Vaft. READ IF you like anthologies, LGBT stories and worldbuilding that invites speculation and interpretation.

Part-Time Witch

By Alirelina

14141 168 1 89918

It is the job of adventurers to enter dungeons and close them. They're pockets where our world gets overridden by a different one, full of dangerous monsters that want nothing more than to cross the barrier and go on rampages. Fortunately, we have magic to...

Sorcery & Stitches

By coffeecupkat

6038 13 0 12270

Marigold, grand vizier of Riverbend, catches wind of a plot to assassinate her. Some malcontents want to "free" the city she helped save years ago.  As a powerful sorceress, she could just obliterate the twerps planning to kill her... Or ask Cedric, the Knight-Commander...

Ra'maen's Gambit

By BorisKhan

7272 1 0 5268

There is time to plot, and then there is time to act. After millennia of scheming and manipulating events from the shadows, Ra'maen now makes her final move in a game far more ambitious and dangerous than anything in her long life. Whether or not her gambit...

Ravenlight: Embers of the Past

By AStormsong

40151 2 0 110112

Elise Bakuuva wants nothing more than to live an average life, to find acceptance in life and a goal for said life; though for her, a normal life seems nigh impossible. Living among the Dragon Descendants of Vulfax, she finds herself everywhere from belittled...


By Coral Sands

55294 10 0 22490

Lana is alone in downtown Chicago in a skyscraper. She tries to stay out of sight, but food is running out and the monsters love it when they run.

Ruby Mage

By KajetanWrites

8331 0 0 640

Ania Kot is a 23-year-old student at the Warsaw Academy for Magical Arts. Recently, she crafted a ruby dagger, a magical weapon that enhances her abilities. With it, she is ready to stand up to the Elementalists, the most powerful magical gang in Europe....

Thaugangird Akeput

By EmptyManuscript

8038 0 0 3116

Ashala of the house Ovolen loves two things: the power she gets from being the eldest daughter of the Suvonor and her best friend Bogey. It's not that Bogey doesn't like Ashala, far from it, but Ashala is trouble and no one knows it better than Bogey who,...