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Dark Fantasy

Ravenlight the Series

By AStormsong

744 0 0 12916

{DEBUTS: June 4th, 2024} A fantastical series of weekly chapters featuring Chapter Art/Manga Panels. Current Saga: #1- Scarlet Dawn | Saga 1 Summary | Following the near collapse of her clan, 17 Y.O. Elise Bakuuva has ventured out into an unknown mystical...

The Bone Moth

By TheAutisticAlchemist

706 1 0 16547

Living so close to the front line in an endless magical war is a frightening existence, especially if you're disabled. Tabishka, though, is happy with xir life in the basement of the museum stores. Xir main source of excitement is the arrival of new shipments...


By AStormsong

1392 0 0 9938

A collective of short one-off stories from the Ravenlight series. You may call it filler; but in truth it is simply world expansion. From the growth of Elise to the clash of antagonists who have their own goals. Welcome to Ravenbytez!!

The dragon's blade: Blood of kings

By Nuredhel

564 0 0 15003

Being a sword for hire can sometimes have its downsides, like having to escort a very spoiled and obnoxious noble woman to her new husband. But meeting old friends is always nice except when that meeting leads to the discovery of horrors Kyall has barely ever...

The Misadventures of Morga Skullsplitter, Volume 1

By goblinsstolemybrain

3253 0 0 33215

Morga is an orcish warrior. She's the best there is. No-one can crack a skull open quite like Morga Skullsplitter. But she's tired, and she's had enough. All she wants is a nice quiet retirement. One where she could spend her days sipping tea, eating jellybeans...

The dragon's blade

By Nuredhel

1029 0 0 151519

Kyall isnt your average elven warrior, his past is shrouded in mystery and his methods are rarely honourable nor clean. He is a sword for hire, an assassin, a thief and a mercenary and still, in spite of it all, he holds onto his old creed, what he used to...

Broken Dulcet: Lapis of Nicodem Volume 4

By Kwyn Marie

12377 45 0 63222

Over three hundred years ago, the Dentherion Empire began its conquest of Theyndora. To keep the conquered peoples subdued, they gifted their puppet rulers with advanced tech, made it illegal for everyone else to use it, and harshly dealt with anyone who...

Evenacht: Greenglimmer

By Kwyn Marie

8497 28 1 66118

What price, Redemption? Greenglimmer, a dark and secretive part of the Elfiniti Rainforest, initially opens its arms to Vantra, Laken, and the mini-Joyful. However, the port city, Selaserat, hides more than local corruption. Vantra, completing a favor for...

The Unhallowed

By prestonthedm

12511 0 0 46584

[b]LAST UPDATED: 5/10/2024[/b] It's been almost a thousand years since the great Hallowing War sundered the barrier between the Seven Hells and the mortal realm. In the wake of this conflict, the denizens of Emmeron have slowly rebuilt while suffering through...



1365 0 0 1191

In the dark tunnels of Densha, where the remnants of humanity strive for survival after the cataclysmic nuclear war of 1983, our narrative unfolds through the entangled destinies of Onai, Sar, and Denton. Onai, a human born underground, becomes entwined in...

Green Myst

By amelianite

2142 0 0 1947

Ninjago: Dragon's Rising Fanfic. / Lloyd x OC. / Aurora Sharpe has never seen herself as a hero. She just wants to survive the day while keeping Jason, her older brother, safe from prying eyes. When their home is destroyed, Aurora and Jason are offered...

Life's Heart

By Yerran

2855 0 0 13088

Light and dark. Life and death. Good and evil. All things in balance, or so the laws of the universe say. But laws are made to be broken. Darkness is growing once more, its tendrils spreading throughout the cosmos, and with the closing of the great...

Tales of Koria

By CrazyEddie

6246 5 0 12039

You have read about the Spiral, about Elves, Dwarves, Underlings and the Horrors from down below. But you never experienced them firsthand. Now is your chance. From the dwindling roads down into the depths of the Spiral or from the start of the very Creation,...

Intrepid Adventures Anthology: Vair

By napdog

5033 0 0 15521

Vair is my latest work, set in the early bronze age with a dash of classic fantasy. The world is divided into warring city-states each ruled by a powerful deity. Vair, the main character of our story, hails from the White-Wolf clan of the Azil Mountain Range. He...

Argana - Le Royaume de Thoradhor

By Landry Blodwyn

5991 3 0 6611

Les dragons ancestraux sont des protecteurs divins du monde de Liacar. Ils bénirent, jadis, une lignée, les Arthenis, afin de faire régner l'Ordre parmi le chaos qui divisait le continent d'Argana. Le Roi Raegan, héritier de cette lignée de demi-dragon et...

The Chronicle of Artoyus

By CalofGearva

10817 0 0 34893

This is the complete telling of the history of Artukos' ancient masterpiece, the Wraith Globe. From creation to destruction, from the Lords' Rebellion to the Lords' Recession, all of the Finite races' history is here.

Ravenlight: Embers of the Past

By AStormsong

37633 2 0 110112

Elise Bakuuva wants nothing more than to live an average life, to find acceptance in life and a goal for said life; though for her, a normal life seems nigh impossible. Living among the Dragon Descendants of Vulfax, she finds herself everywhere from belittled...

Les Héros et Déchus d'Argana

By Landry Blodwyn

7636 1 0 2103

Ce recueil regroupe toutes les nouvelles portant sur des personnages importants du continent d'Argana. Héros, déchus et fripouilles, vous retrouvez toutes sortes de figures.

Gorveron, la banshee destructrice

By Landry Blodwyn

7517 1 0 2234

Gorveron est une banshee chaotique, destructrice, meurtrière, qui dérobe les âmes de ses victimes et les enferme dans son cristal bleu pâle, un Enfer palpable où ces essences hurlent à l'agonie. Suivez les aventures de cet antagoniste maléfique, Roi du Détroit...


By Storm Weaver

4987 0 0 0

-What are the features that constitute a life? How are they measured? What do they mean? How much of ourselves do we invest in them? [br] -Is having a Life only for the Living?[br] -Then... Perhaps we do not really die![br] [center][b]This, then, is [i][u]Deathknell[u][i][/b][/center].

Evenacht: Snake's Den

By Kwyn Marie

132863 55 0 201657

A dark fantasy serialized novel. Vantra, a Finder acolyte in the deathland of Evenacht, follows an anguished mental call for absolution. The silent plea comes from Captain Laken, a brazen butcher who slaughtered her Keel ancestors over four millennia ago....

Shadows over Tindrel: Excerpt

By Kwyn Marie

14861 3 0 1666

*Book and excerpt previously published under Troubel in Tindrel: The Wellspring Dragons Book 2 [br] Shadows over Tindrel: The Wellspring Dragons Book 2, 2nd edition A fantasy/dark fantasy illustrated series. 2nd Edition available in ebook format at the...

The Glass Volcano: Excerpt

By Kwyn Marie

16220 4 0 5030

*Excerpt previously published was Chapter 1 [br] The Glass Volcano: The Wellspring Dragons Book 3, 2nd edition A fantasy/dark fantasy illustrated series. 2nd Edition available in ebook format at the end of May 2023 The Glass Volcano. The Black-shine Mountain....

Broken Swords: Unleash Hell

By CaiusMartius

46286 0 0 29629

War rages across the western kingdoms. Bloodthirsty berserkers and colossal wallbreakers lock horns with golden-eyed crusaders and crazed templar-priests. They fight for their respective kingdoms, ice-locked Nosck and sky-worshipping Samada, and their battleground...

The Allure of Darkness

By Cordeeceps

11345 0 0 7338

The dragons were the first to fall when the Prince attacked. Their empire was leveled in an instant, the capital burned to ashes, and without the most powerful race in the world ruling Abrioxus the continent devolved into chaos. Bitter nations previously kept...

White Raven

By NathaliaBooks1993

49998 5 0 45276

Danger is not a stranger to Raven, she lived with the fear for her live ever she was old enough to be noticed. Jealousy can drive people far, even until murder. But when she was at the receiving end of an attempt on her life, she was saved by an unknown stranger....

Goretober 2020

By Arkanasis

11477 1 0 2345

A collection of short stories set in Hellverse following Goretober prompts!

To Know Your Enemy

By SableAradia

190417 20 0 145816

[h3][center]Toy Soldier: A derogatory term for an elven marine.[/center][/h3] [i]Battles great and terrible, small and bitter, raged across Known Space as the wars of Elves and Orcs played out their legacy of hatred across the stars themselves. Epics would...

Autumn Evenings

By User51

11753 3 2 9275

A decade and a half of war have left Sherif cold and disillusioned. Regretful that he has missed life and love, he returns to the small village of his youth hoping to find peace, but finds instead dark secrets and an ancient curse.

Necromancer I

By annyborg

19133 1 0 54270

[b]Reader discretion advised. This series deals with a variety of topics that may be uncomfortable and or offensive to read about.[/b] I thought all I needed to do was deliver the mystery package. I was wrong. So very wrong. They say the Spirits play with...

Ambercaast: Lapis of Nicodem Volume 2

By Kwyn Marie

165000 45 5 182877

For eight years, Lapis had sought vengeance against the rebel traitor who helped Jilvayna's palace guard invade Nicodem and slaughter her family. Perben is now exposed, but ranking rebels who see their own fates twisted into his try to downplay and ignore...

Powder and Feathers

By JohannesTEvans

377798 94 0 284055

It seems to Aimé Deverell that there is very little point to life, except for what pleasures can be enjoyed before the grave. Life is short - thank God - but at least there's enough in the world to dull the senses in the meantime. That philosophy shatters...


By Barekamy

146566 0 0 29575

Vor den Nordfängen und hinter dem trostlosen Tal, liegt, auf einem namenlosen Berg, das Ewigkeitsfort. Enrik Grünzweig und sein Heer aus Halunken wie auch Bauernvolk, sollen dieses alte Gemäuer bemannen, um sich einem unbekannten Feind zu stellen. Doch die...

The Oblivion Chronicles: Book 2 - The Answer's Call

By JHarris15

185827 9 0 72956

The Second Part of The Oblivion Series. After the events of the first novel, join the group once more as they battle not just against the ruling power of The Imperial City, but against a secret organisation that has been pulling the strings of power for centuries....


By t_cats

40245 17 3 14999

The Koushan Mai are an ancient, peaceful people now ruthlessly persecuted simply for their beliefs. The hatred for them is spreading across whole countries and many authorities stand by doing nothing, as they are tortured and murdered. They face nothing less...

Blood's Stone: A Wellspring Dragons Story

By Kwyn Marie

14232 0 0 10835

King Shiel invaded neighboring Merren when rumors of bloodmages and sacrifice reached him. In the final push to rid the country of its murderous despot, he has sent Sikode, his premiere wielder and advisor, to discover the corruption hidden in the depths of...

When the Blood Moon Rises

By mwelsch678

11729 1 0 3306

PRINCE KYVAN ANDURTH has the weight of the world of Etias on his shoulders, with his ever-nearing ascension to the throne of Reaper Dreizhar shadowing his every waking hour. Unbeknownst to the Andurth family, a darker force, one that has been looming for...

Sarsoa's Calamity

By awsmlwsn

7977 0 0 9870

A sickness fell upon the once strong and hearty Brandt. Elizabeth, the village herbalist , gave the news to his father. The village elder has declared that his spirit must be collected by Shen: god of the afterlife through a ceremony to ensure his spirit will...

Lapis of Nicodem

By Kwyn Marie

144831 26 3 120378

Lapis joined the rebel cause for one purpose only; to revenge the death of her family on the traitor who betrayed them. Since age twelve, she has trained to that end, hiding her past and the fact she survived in anticipation of catching the man unaware and...

"Banished" (taster!)

By LouYardley

35296 0 0 12617

Welcome to the monstrous world of Venari. Try not to get eaten. Elkbury is an idyllic village, hidden away in a rural area of pseudo-medieval Venari. It's a place free of death and disease due to a mysterious ceremony called the Banishment. It's a secret...

Russolia Jadeye - Short Story

By michaelthominks

7609 0 0 1655

A short telling of the events leading up to the siege of Medale and the famous survivor, Russolia Jadeye.

Race to Til-Thorin

By WantedHero

165207 18 0 84537

Dream girls. Fried snails. A 30” bodyguard with pink ponytails. Being a hero comes with learning curves. The curve of a hip. The curve of a sword. The curve of a sucker punch as it connects with your face. It wouldn’t be so bad if Wendell had professionals...

Remember Dragons Lie Volume I: The Stag [TEASER]

By J. L. Gryphon

25613 1 1 2166

When an outcast elf is captured by assassins sent by her tyrannical sister, she must escape their calculating leader, confess a world-ending lie, and uncover the secret plot brewing behind it all before everything she loves burns in dragon fire again. For...

The Savior's Sister - Book 2 of The Savior's Series [TEASER]

By jennamoreci

31855 12 0 17833

In the thrilling companion to one of Book Depository’s Best Books of All Time, experience the peril and heart-stopping romance through Leila’s fresh perspective. Leila Tūs Salvatíraas, Savior of Thessen and magical Queen of Her realm, is worshiped by all. Except...

Dawn of Shiobe: Excerpt

By Kwyn Marie

15477 1 0 2948

*Book and excerpt previously published under Shiobe Rising: The Wellspring Dragons Book 1 [br] Dawn of Shiobe: The Wellspring Dragons Book 1, 2nd edition A fantasy/dark fantasy illustrated series. 2nd Edition available in ebook format at the end of May...

Blinded Angels: 1 The Noble Sacrifice

By cedorsett

47644 1 0 23905

It isn't easy living as a non-binary goth in the mid-90s, but Ellis has good friends who have their back. All they wanted was to live as their authentic self in a world that refused to understand them. On a night out, they wondered off the forest path into...


By Kassandra Troy

6453 0 0 748

When Ardeshir is sent on a rescue mission by the Mage Guild, he soon uncovers an ancient power and a forgotten enemy.