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Female Lead

Ravenlight the Series

By AStormsong

744 0 0 12916

{DEBUTS: June 4th, 2024} A fantastical series of weekly chapters featuring Chapter Art/Manga Panels. Current Saga: #1- Scarlet Dawn | Saga 1 Summary | Following the near collapse of her clan, 17 Y.O. Elise Bakuuva has ventured out into an unknown mystical...

Fate of the Sun Wielder

By laurakroll

337 1 0 2959

Luna Morrenden doesn't have what it takes to fulfill her destiny as heir to the throne of the Fulminian Desert. As a descendant of the two strongest bloodlines of sun-wielders - mortals who harness solar magic - she should be an unmatched force. But Luna's...

Tales of a Moonshadow Priest

By Ogliara

1297 0 0 25529

A collection of tales told by the priests of the Moonshadow across the world of Vaft. READ IF you like anthologies, LGBT stories and worldbuilding that invites speculation and interpretation.

Silver Star

By ccpadilla

15560 1 0 7135

“Lost in the endless depths of space, Abby, housed within her cold metal home for untold years, yearns for companionship and connections. Join her on a journey of self-discovery as she navigates the unknown galaxy in search of friendship and a sense of belonging."

Flower of the Sea Tree

By StalwartLight

1016 0 0 3234

Aiselle was never any good at magic. She could barely perform a basic woodsong, and yet her mother expected her to take over the family business in due time. Aiselle never dreamed of leaving home. She never once considered why her skin was covered in sores...