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Tacoma by Night: October Tales (2023)

By ValentineDM

11020 4 0 27212

Night falls on Tacoma, the same as it always has. But something is cooler these nights. Cripser, sharper, darker. Throughout this grungy city, not only do the Vampires spread, but so do all manner of dark otherworldly creatures. Some hold their delusions...

Tacoma by Night: Vamptober Tales #1

By ValentineDM

30310 0 0 18081

A collection of stories taking place within the nights of Tacoma. For World of Darkness' Month of Darkness, the attempt will be to make one short story for each prompt, focusing on the Kindred in Tacoma's past and present.

A Safe Place to Hide

By TimeBender

11164 3 1 2176

A lonely monster raised by humanity fights against a mafia conspiracy that threatens to wipe out not only his found family, but the entire city he has sworn to protect as a patrol officer, regardless of if the people inside care about him or not.


By shyredfox

26330 0 0 1702

Why did Tatsuya join the mob? How did Tatsuya meets his Yakuza (Japanese Mob) big brother? I hope you enjoy the glance into my main character's past. Stats: 1.7K words, average reading time ~ 10 min (at 200 wpm) Rating: PG. Death of main character's father,...