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mixed fantasy

Ishi Story

By Ishirin_Ryuko

1181 0 0 4240

With large parts of his dragon heritage either mentally blocked or magically locked away Ryuko have no problems blending into human society or get bullied by some of his class mates. Take the trip back to 1990 of "Alternate Earth" Dimension 137, to experience...

A Fire In The Heart Of Knowing

By Verse_Online

4004 0 0 0

The Khul, Queen of the lands of Mordikhaan, vanished four decades ago. Now her Lord Steward is dying and his ruthless Knight Commanders gather to replace him. The reprobates, prisoners and lost souls of this great and tormented land who are dragged along in...

The Rise and Fall of the Glorious Qiao

By moa-sting

4752 0 0 450

Up on a bridge in Heaven, a dragon and a phoenix meet. Down in the mortal realm, a prince rescues a snake in a garden. Unlikely love blossoms and an unusual community is formed: the Qiao Clan, a group of humans, demons, and celestial beings, joined in a...


By Kiyomo

24124 3 0 49154

Morgan was a soldier in the elite Rushata, working for the Imperial military and serving time for a crime he didn’t commit. Eventually, the Rushata was shut down, and he was set free to explore the world. With nowhere to go and nothing as a talent, Morgan...


By TobiMercer

106682 0 0 54596

Layla is a young elf on the search for her father's murderer. Olyvia is an experienced killer on the search for her sister's killer. Their paths intersect on a dark, rainy night and lead to a cascade of new questions, including the ultimate question; what...