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Foul Language

Loyal Dogs

By Mr.Drake

21860 0 0 15706

An investigation threatens to bring to life a dark secret that threatens the safety and stability of the kingdom of Lunaris. Only the Glaives, the elite royal guard stand between order and chaos, but at what cost?

Where Dragons Rule: Dissent

By Mr.Drake

136264 0 0 134146

Part one of six of the DRAGON series marks the beginning of a young dragon’s journey of sacrifice, self-discovery, and rise to power. Aeris has spent her life being a good dragon and doing as she’s told, living a quiet sheltered life. But when she becomes...


By Jgesq

10924 0 0 2426

It was Ryan’s brilliant idea to mod up a false adult ID that he and Kyle could use to get online. VICTIM was waiting.

The Dark Claws: Book 2 The Red Moon

By Flowey1787

27156 1 0 11385

Ex-prince Flow is warned of an event that could doom his home if he isn't careful. He must go through many tasks and even lose those he cared about in order to get to his goal and save his home.

Where Dragons Rule: Hunterborn

By Mr.Drake

20230 4 6 21024

Jonah Shroud has always wanted to join the Hunter's Society and join the family tradition. However, when a dragon decides to join their ranks, Jonah learns that the world is far bigger and more complicated than he imagined, and there is more than one type...

Where Dragons Rule: Dissent (Old Version)

By Mr.Drake

140983 0 0 123028

When the young dragon, Aeris, begins to question the only life she's known, she's thrust into a world of betrayal of deceit. Her survival depends on how well she can navigate the blood-filled streets of a world she knows nothing about. **This is the older...

Necromancer I

By annyborg

19817 1 0 54270

[b]Reader discretion advised. This series deals with a variety of topics that may be uncomfortable and or offensive to read about.[/b] I thought all I needed to do was deliver the mystery package. I was wrong. So very wrong. They say the Spirits play with...

Where Dragons Rule: Lyndria

By Mr.Drake

156268 25 18 130948

To save himself and his family from a dragon’s wrath, William Delcat must become that which he hates and dive deep into a world of lies and espionage to uncover a truth best left buried.