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Fantasy Fiction

Fate of the Sun Wielder

By laurakroll

729 1 0 2959

Luna Morrenden doesn't have what it takes to fulfill her destiny as heir to the throne of the Fulminian Desert. As a descendant of the two strongest bloodlines of sun-wielders - mortals who harness solar magic - she should be an unmatched force. But Luna's...

Only Rainfall

By Ellaura

4019 0 0 7407

Rainfall is a loyal member of the Watchers family of meerkats but when she discovers that her sister has been enticed to betray the group by a roving male will she be able to rise above the enemy's charm? Or can't she resist the lure of becoming a Truthbreaker?


By TobiMercer

172298 0 0 54596

Layla is a young elf on the search for her father's murderer. Olyvia is an experienced killer on the search for her sister's killer. Their paths intersect on a dark, rainy night and lead to a cascade of new questions, including the ultimate question; what...

The Ends of the World

By High Fantasy Studios

16491 2 0 1698

Long before the events of Dragon Lore, a traveling cartographer named William Walden set out on a journey that would take him to the very ends of the world. In his many adventures he explored fantastic lands filled with monsters and magic and met many mysterious...