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Fantasy Violence

Time of the Paragons: Book 1

By kleinnak

359 0 0 13802

Welcome to The Vau, a fantastical world set on four moons orbiting a brown dwarf: a gas giant that nearly became a star, which itself orbits a red dwarf. In this magical setting, the celestial bodies themselves are sapient beings which watch over the myriad...

The Queen's Protector (The Prologue and First Two Chapters)

By Tonia A Viles

1857 0 0 6716

Nestled in between several mountains is the small, quaint town of Saltville, Virginia. Two young queens live there. One is an infant, the other has just celebrated her sixteenth birthday. On the forested mountain between their homes is a camp where a portal...

Broken Dulcet: Lapis of Nicodem Volume 4

By Kwyn Marie

12378 45 0 63222

Over three hundred years ago, the Dentherion Empire began its conquest of Theyndora. To keep the conquered peoples subdued, they gifted their puppet rulers with advanced tech, made it illegal for everyone else to use it, and harshly dealt with anyone who...

Evenacht: Greenglimmer

By Kwyn Marie

8497 28 1 66118

What price, Redemption? Greenglimmer, a dark and secretive part of the Elfiniti Rainforest, initially opens its arms to Vantra, Laken, and the mini-Joyful. However, the port city, Selaserat, hides more than local corruption. Vantra, completing a favor for...

In Their Shadows

By LeeStepp

25384 1 0 187470

"She will bear the weight of her destiny not amid the light but within the darkness. While she is a young faltering star before the starving void in her youth, when she is ready, she will draw in those greedy, ambitious souls tainting her home and snuff them...

The New Kings of Kyro

By Atari 2600

34294 0 0 7631

An abandoned tower. Enemies in the shadows. Riches and glory hidden and revealed. A deadly beast. Lies and secrets.

Liar's Luck

By Trivik

6866 0 0 2439

Friedrich was born an outcast, not only born and abandoned in a country where his name and heritage are scoffed at, but he also is a Rook. The same type of magic user who ruled the world over two centuries past, and were defeated for their tyrannical hold....


By garfnargle

10759 0 0 12635

Mages Nova and Avon have spent years fighting for survival against devil incursions and callous humans. Now, three newcomers threaten to destroy the tenuous safety they've built. Re: content warnings I've done my best to cover all the bases, but I'm unsure...


By TobiMercer

164436 0 0 54596

Layla is a young elf on the search for her father's murderer. Olyvia is an experienced killer on the search for her sister's killer. Their paths intersect on a dark, rainy night and lead to a cascade of new questions, including the ultimate question; what...

Evenacht: Snake's Den

By Kwyn Marie

132859 55 0 201657

A dark fantasy serialized novel. Vantra, a Finder acolyte in the deathland of Evenacht, follows an anguished mental call for absolution. The silent plea comes from Captain Laken, a brazen butcher who slaughtered her Keel ancestors over four millennia ago....


By jmgaida

17325 0 0 1617

At the age of twelve Porcelana is chosen to go live at the Convento do Pano Vermelho, the Convent of the Red Cloth, despite the objections of the Abbess, who declares she has the look of a traitor because she was born albino. Porcelana is trained to be an...

The Tranquil Expanse

By Athena Rae

115625 4 1 114887

[b]Part 1: Inyarel[/b][br] The country of Inyarel has been thrust into war between the elves and the humans. The humans went from peacefully living in Inyarel to invading the cities and forests the elves called home, claiming these locations for themselves....

A Family of Knights

By TimeBender

8449 0 0 0

A family, who all happen to be knights, try to keep their clan of thirty-three knights safe as a mysterious Knight Hunter takes out knights all over the continent. When one of their knights is taken out, the clan decides it time to leave the forest they've...

Watcher's Rising

By TrixQuinzel

30536 0 0 27037

The night Mylea Rathiain's family are slaughtered in their beds, she is sent on a path that she would never have expected to find herself on. Thrown into a journey that is far more deadly then it first appears, Mylea must now not only stop a Corrupting Force...

The Tale of Chamomile Mesmera

By baph-omet

18793 0 0 19533

Young witch Chamomile is tired of her mundane life, until she explores the creepy abandoned manor on the edge of town, and discovers the secret within.

Act 1: 01. The Book of Leani

By pocketbrows

1041 0 0 692

Oskar Azkanhalyan is a young mage who developed sorcerous magic at the age of 10. Due to his family's fears about sorcerers wielding uncontrolled magic, Oskar is sent to the sprawling medievalesqe metropolis of Theracarcus, where the continent's largest and...