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Dungeons and Dragons

The Bad King

By Atari 2600

10314 1 0 20824

The greatest fear of all who call the Shattered Sea home is to slip beneath the clouds and go Under. For that is where the horrific Abyssal Domaine exists with demons and eldritch monstrosities of incredible violence. That's exactly where our heroes find...

The New Sermons of Vashi

By farnethr

7537 0 0 7307

The New Sermons of Tel Vashi stand as an intricate collection of enigmatic teachings, forming the spiritual foundation of the Ashkin group within the land of Cairngorm. Inspired by a fusion of ancient wisdom and a distinct religious movement, the New Sermons...

Stones Like Rain

By Atari 2600

8793 0 0 11526

A story set in the Realms of Eldara, a new 5E compatible world (coming soon) from Evan Blair. The Shattered Sea; a vast expanse of floating islands moving far above a layer of perpetual cloud. Beneath the clouds lie abyssal horrors worse than any child's...

Intrepid Adventures Anthology: Vair

By napdog

5033 0 0 15521

Vair is my latest work, set in the early bronze age with a dash of classic fantasy. The world is divided into warring city-states each ruled by a powerful deity. Vair, the main character of our story, hails from the White-Wolf clan of the Azil Mountain Range. He...

Spires of Ice

By Barrian Everland

7711 0 0 8393

Somewhere far beyond the mortal realm, there is a place as wondrous as it is mysterious. A place of Faeries and Ents, a place of eternal beauty and boundless mischief. Across the Lands of Ferune, this place is known as the Feywilds and is the source of countless...

The Fanged Hunter

By Seneschal the World Builder

15450 0 0 8179

Vampires are the stuff of nightmares in most of Avestra. In the lands of the Lonavi, they are seen as living rulers of the shadows and dhampir their loyal servants. Gallus, one of these dhampir, is sent far from home to hunt down an undead vampire with nothing...

The Nornic Prophecies

By Meta Wizard

9143 0 0 606

A collection of the prophetic teaching of the Nornic faith and the worship of the Asier Pantheon of gods including Ordin, Thorin, Freyad, and many more.


By oncomingshower

9080 0 0 474

Kinbronds tells the stories of the people of the continent and what happens behind the scenes of the main story. Some of them start before, some start after, some happen bang in the middle of the chaos.

The Sands that Slumber

By Magenth

11130 0 0 3296

Since creation, the Embodied Gods have played with the mortals as pawns to their whims. The divine Guardians, the counterforce to the pantheon proved to hold no refuge for mortalkin. The world, still young and growing, sits at peace after the catalysm that...

Stories of Beginnings

By kerupt

10995 0 0 1201

[i]Being raised by the elemental creatures of the Quelatian Empire is strange on its own. However, stories of their creation and beginnings are stranger still.[/i] [dc]Y[/dc]oung Jakuul took well to the teaching of the Quelatian Empire, but stories of their...

Neverwinter Short Stories

By FearBot

15636 1 0 4330

This is a collection of events, histories, and stories that expand the fiction of Neverwinter Stories.

Tales of Edda: Horizon of Midnight - Setting Sun

By ValentineDM

35860 0 0 27708

A missing family leads five adventurers to the same mission, but what begins as an open-and-shut case suddenly unravels itself into something much bigger, and much more deadly.

The Secret Dance

By Nebulous

28878 0 0 26965

Elibor, a tortured youth, struggles to build a life for himself after losing everything twice. He knows only two worlds: one of shadows, where thieves and scoundrels dwell; and one of sweet music and touch, where the courtesans dance. With a foot in both,...

Shadow's Notes

By Loneblackfang

11736 0 0 1038

These are the notes on the everyday happenings at the EWTC.

The Wanderers of Gia

By Jemileo

3223 0 0 686

Seven hundred years following the largest battle Gia had ever seen, the organization responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands are back seeking to finish what they started. Looking into the pages of history, the oldest of magics have been discovered...