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mature content

Time of the Paragons: Book 1

By kleinnak

360 0 0 13802

Welcome to The Vau, a fantastical world set on four moons orbiting a brown dwarf: a gas giant that nearly became a star, which itself orbits a red dwarf. In this magical setting, the celestial bodies themselves are sapient beings which watch over the myriad...

If You Forget the Way to Go

By devinsxdesigns

16779 0 0 171481

Part 2 of "If You Want to Go Far, Go Together". A relatively shameless excuse to explore Jack and Daniel's friendship and relationship, expounding on things that happen in the show and exploring the feelings or missing scenes. This is a Jack/Daniel fic. It...

The Unhallowed

By prestonthedm

12512 0 0 46584

[b]LAST UPDATED: 5/10/2024[/b] It's been almost a thousand years since the great Hallowing War sundered the barrier between the Seven Hells and the mortal realm. In the wake of this conflict, the denizens of Emmeron have slowly rebuilt while suffering through...

Of Princes and Exiles - Sample

By lyneaky2

6830 0 0 9430

Sample chapters of a high fantasy novel for adults. *** Sometimes, the heart does not choose until it's too late. This has never been more true for Amilié, a valuable Blade of the Triple Eye. She's always strived to protect her loved ones, even by leaving...