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High Fantasy, Fantasy, Adult fiction, Drama, Adventure

Das Sechste Königreich

By CrazyEddie

35771 9 0 75280

In den Wehen des Dritten Wanurim'schen Krieges versucht der junge Druide Gavín in die Fußstapfen seiner Schwester zu treten, um ein Archäologe zu werden. Die Funde aus dem untergegangenen Reich Lithrodil des Engels sind Grund genug, diesen Wunsch mit mehr...

Cherry Pits

By Szyarran Shyl

6787 0 0 932

This is a growing collection of random flash fiction set in the world of Flor'eliant. Called Cherry Pit, it's like eating cherries. With pits. Some of the stories have a bit of poison inside. Sweet fruit on the outside and danger within the pit.

The Children of the Dragon I: The Crimson King

By Prymerion1700

5471 0 0 0

After a civil war twenty years ago, the land of Prymeryon comes to relative peacetime on the brink of yet another war. a good and decent king now rules the Crimson Throne as shadow, deceit and political intrigue scour royal corridors. Daggers lie waiting to...

Chronicles of Osera: Child of Mesendra

By Jennaskel

41180 1 0 27685

"The things I've created have consequence, therefore balance remains. What you have made has rules, which could always be bent. However, what Mesendra has done," Kallemor takes a slow inhale and releases it in a low hum. "It is sacrilege." ✴ When the spirit...

Where the Dragon Flies

By Kel_Var

2114 0 0 1133

Tavrin is a city guard with ambitions of becoming a name worth toasting in the halls of taverns or a name that children say to one another to inspire hope. When fate would have it, he comes across an item that could give him all that and more. Ahead of him...