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Fantacy, Adventure

Ravenlight the Series

By AStormsong

743 0 0 12916

{DEBUTS: June 4th, 2024} A fantastical series of weekly chapters featuring Chapter Art/Manga Panels. Current Saga: #1- Scarlet Dawn | Saga 1 Summary | Following the near collapse of her clan, 17 Y.O. Elise Bakuuva has ventured out into an unknown mystical...

The Jade Chronicles

By graiffe

707 0 0 1984

At the beginning of time the forces of magic drifted, then they collided. The world was formed. Next a great force rose up, and was struck down. But it's children still walk. A necromancer finds a jade.

The dragon's blade

By Nuredhel

1029 0 0 151519

Kyall isnt your average elven warrior, his past is shrouded in mystery and his methods are rarely honourable nor clean. He is a sword for hire, an assassin, a thief and a mercenary and still, in spite of it all, he holds onto his old creed, what he used to...

Shield of Spheros

By NathaliaBooks1993

8908 0 0 59079

A wanderer set foot on the sandy road towards Spheros, what kind of change will she bring to the town and what kind of change will the town bring to her?

Division P; LifeLine

By Maeve Baeyen

1679 0 0 4026

stephen benford and others of division P's staff are still recovering from the devastating bombing that destroyed half of their administration team 6 months ago. When he receives a phone call, saying one of his patients has crashed during a training mission...

A Runaway Father's Odyssey

By Xerolo44

4356 6 0 8460

Embark on an emotional journey in "A Runaway Father's Odyssey" as Benedikt unravels the intricate threads of his enigmatic past. Bearing the burdens of betrayal, adventure, and the quest for redemption, Benedikt's soul-stirring narrative takes center stage....

Green Myst

By amelianite

2141 0 0 1947

Ninjago: Dragon's Rising Fanfic. / Lloyd x OC. / Aurora Sharpe has never seen herself as a hero. She just wants to survive the day while keeping Jason, her older brother, safe from prying eyes. When their home is destroyed, Aurora and Jason are offered...

Guardians and Keepers of Myth

By FableLady

8961 0 0 22775

In the distant land of Myth, Magic still thrives. It's where Fable, a young, elven potion maker, works to make her own way in the realm. But after one of her potions strikes fear into the very heart of her village, warning them of an old foe returning, Fable...

Her Right Mind

By Navior

64317 0 0 255197

Felitïa returns to Quorge, the city where she grew up, determined to uncover the secrets of her own mind, as well as those of Corvinian's strange powers, and the staff she retrieved in Ninifin. Yet the staff is clearly malfunctioning. It calls to her incessantly...

Naming Clay

By Ellaura

14094 4 0 19655

A charming, short read the newest novella in The Meer Series is perfect for fans of Erin Hunter's Warriors and Richard Adams' Watership Down... Clay hates his name. He has since the whole family witnessed Quiet, a bully of a pup, push him into a pit of clay....

Only Rainfall

By Ellaura

3710 0 0 7407

Rainfall is a loyal member of the Watchers family of meerkats but when she discovers that her sister has been enticed to betray the group by a roving male will she be able to rise above the enemy's charm? Or can't she resist the lure of becoming a Truthbreaker?

Dracna of the Watch

By Mutterwolf

9699 2 0 4626

I see many looked at this. Really, none of you liked it at all? No comments? That is discouraging.

Remnant: Twilight (Book 1)

By ReaverArklight

12269 0 0 14321

Join the Adventures of Twilight Sparkle in a gritty retelling of the much beloved childrens story and series MLP. Explore a similar story told in a way more befitting of adult audience. Explore new Locations, learn new stories, witness new characters and events....


By Auburn_Wilcox

4273 0 0 7790

Center details the beginning of the love and marriage story of the then-prince Jacob and doctor Iris Arlenia, from their first encounter aboard the Endless Rainbow, and providing snapshots of their growth, both as people and as a relationship starting from...