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Elemental Magic

Fate of the Sun Wielder

By laurakroll

774 1 0 2959

Luna Morrenden doesn't have what it takes to fulfill her destiny as heir to the throne of the Fulminian Desert. As a descendant of the two strongest bloodlines of sun-wielders - mortals who harness solar magic - she should be an unmatched force. But Luna's...

The Queen's Protector (The Prologue and First Two Chapters)

By Tonia A Viles

2432 0 0 6716

Nestled in between several mountains is the small, quaint town of Saltville, Virginia. Two young queens live there. One is an infant, the other has just celebrated her sixteenth birthday. On the forested mountain between their homes is a camp where a portal...

On Elemental Magics Aeliana Ravenshade.

By farnethr

9246 1 0 3373

The following manuscript was retrieved from a cave on the outskirts of Voortham. The text appears to be the research notes of the scholar Aeliana Ravenshade. Her exploration of elemental magics led to her expulsion from the Magitech Academy in Gullyweed. Her...

Buch 4 - Lorelias Bestimmung

By LindeWeber

67781 0 1 45353

- Dieses Buch spielt 50 Jahre nach Buch 1. Um das Magiesystem zu verstehen, wird empfohlen, erst "Die Quarzsucherin" zu lesen. Es ist eine in sich abgeschlossene Geschichte. Obwohl der Feuermagier Arminio über weite Entfernungen Personen wahrnehmen kann,...

Band 1 - Die Quarzsucherin

By LindeWeber

62771 1 26 103271

In der dunklen Goldmine prallte Glandera unabsichtlich mit dem Erdmagier Ferron zusammen. Funken und Blitze zuckten durch die Finsternis. Tief verwurzelt sind ihre Ängste vor Magiern und sie befürchtet, für dieses Missgeschick von ihm bestraft zu werden. Doch...