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sword and sorcery

Blood & Butterflies Part One

By Heavy

14561 0 0 109030

Karolus is about to travel with the Douen, fabled Fae creatures known for adventuring in the places others dare not go. But when scaled warriors from across the sea come visiting the Highlands. Karolus world flips upside down. He and his brother Connor...

Act 1: Treasures Beneath the Sabal'Har

By Yerran

14277 0 0 62438

The Treasures of Sabal'Har are coveted by many, though (most of) our adventurers have little interest in conventional treasure. They seek answers, aid or revenge, and whatever chance brought them together, they will need each other to escape Sabal and the...

Of Princes and Exiles - Sample

By lyneaky2

7654 0 0 9430

Sample chapters of a high fantasy novel for adults. *** Sometimes, the heart does not choose until it's too late. This has never been more true for Amilié, a valuable Blade of the Triple Eye. She's always strived to protect her loved ones, even by leaving...


By Twinflame

80386 66 1 86972

In the boutique called Maniaque awaits the mysterious Sethian Skin, a sly deal-maker who can offer you a custom dress on one hand and the keys to a monstrous darkness on the other. One night a stranger from a far-off land comes looking for magic only to run...

In Their Shadows

By LeeStepp

28635 1 0 187470

"She will bear the weight of her destiny not amid the light but within the darkness. While she is a young faltering star before the starving void in her youth, when she is ready, she will draw in those greedy, ambitious souls tainting her home and snuff them...

A Family of Knights

By TimeBender

8732 0 0 0

A family, who all happen to be knights, try to keep their clan of thirty-three knights safe as a mysterious Knight Hunter takes out knights all over the continent. When one of their knights is taken out, the clan decides it time to leave the forest they've...